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Most likely we are very familiar with this animal, in Indonesian it is referred to as "Burung Hantu" while in English it is said "Olw". This owl is a bird that stands in a group of meat-eating beasts. Owls are known for their large, forward-facing eyes, generally dwarf, brown or gray hairy owls with black and white patches, with their wings reaching about three times the length of their bodies when measured when their wings are stretched when they are about to fly or when it flaps its wings.

While the difference with most other birds is that these animals make nests in tree holes or between palm fronds or other wood trees that are thought to resemble. Some types also often use spaces in buildings, such as under roofs or empty holes that are located around homes that are no longer occupied. While the owl eggs are mostly white or white, the spots depend on the type of bird itself.


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