#50-Word Flashfiction Challenge: The Longest Distance

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Hi fellow Steemians and participants!!!

Here is my second entry for the #fiftyword story challenge by @jayna.A few issues led to her making a new account @jayna-minime till the original one recovers.

You, too, can participate in the challenge.Just click the link below to read her post regarding the tips and tools you need to come up with your own #fiftyword story:


The prompt this week is 'fence'.

Here goes my #fiftyword story:

                       Title: The Longest Distance 

"You have got to stop enabling him.He is a fence for God's sake," they told me."He has to hit bottom."

When he fell through, they said "It wasn't your fault."

This must be what they mean by,"The longest distance is between the head and the heart."

A mother isn't supposed to outlive her child.

Thank you for reading!!!

#freewriting #prompt #writing #life #motherslove #pain #parenting

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  ·  last year (edited)

Oh my. This is so sad. I can well imagine the story behind this — how hard the parent tried, how much she loved, and how valiantly she struggled.

Okay... I can't wrap my head around this... What??!!! Heartbroken!!
You've taken me to a dark place... I need to see the light now and snap out of it.


Yep...I was feeling a bit dark and dramatic today...😂

You did good @khadija14


Thanx a lot for coming along @olakunle10:-) I appreciate it


Have you been lowkey these few days? @khadija14
I've not been getting more of you.
How are you doing?


Just really sick but much better now!!Thnx for dropping by😁

So much passion and feeling packed into 50 words! Great job!

You've taken me on a long slow agonising journey between the head and the heart in only 50 words... I felt the bumpy ride too.


lol!!Thanx for coming along @whitelite


You're most welcome, my dear!

I felt those emotions reading your fiftywords, incredible although sad.
Great job!


Thanx a lot @anixio

Ah, so sad...

I would have voted more if this were 50 words?



Well written piece, albeit a little over the allowed 50 words limit..