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RE: Market Friday: the snake exhibition at Snake Farm, นิทรรศการงูที่สถานเสาวภากรุงเทพฯ

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Oh! I thought you would love to have that big heavy snake sitting on your shoulders!! Hahaha. Would you!?

I have no idea about Big Foot being inter-dimensional creatures! I don’t think they are still alive these days; the environment has been drastically too damaged or safe for them to survive!

You have to meditate full time for two years with a good master, then you might just travel with your mind/ consciousness to other dimensions! This was routine and normal exercises among strict and learned Buddhist monks in the past. There were so many records about these trips in Tibetan and old Pali texts!


Howdy again sir kaminchan! Yes I've read many accounts of people leaving their bodies and going on travels all over the country or even the world I think.

Bigfoot is still being sighted in the United States, thousands of sightings each year so I think he is alive and well, at least here.

Many sightings are right here in Texas in an area of dense forests close to Houston. I was just looking at a Texas Bigfoot information site last week.

Ya! I have also seen videos on Big Foot! But I wonder why they were so elusive! Satellites and infrared cameras should be able to through some light on the matter!

I agree sir kaminchan, those high tech methods should be able to. But when the professional Bigfoot hunters go to an area that has many sightings they find nothing each time.

Several of the best Bigfoot researchers think they are interdimensional because they seem to disappear if a professional search is conducted. lol..I have no idea, I just think it's a possibility.

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