Summer Heat Beating it!

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Starting this week, we Filipinos can feel that summer is already here. In our province alone, it reaches the hottest temperature of 43 degrees.

How to Beat the Heat?

  • Swimming

For course, during this summer season, we Filipinos are fond to dip into the pool or in beaches. I think summer is the happiest season for all Filipinos. And summer won't be complete without having an outing in the pool or in the beach.


Like recently, our friends decided to bond in a private pool near our place. To relax from one day holiday and grab a chance to bond together with our own families.

It was a worthwhile day spent with them. Especially our kids who dipped in the pool the whole day.

  • Foods

The climax of that day is one whole lechon. Which we ate during lunch until dinner. Plus our own take out after.


photos are mine.

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