eSteem : Explanation of Side Sides of Limas Part3

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Hi steemians ...
On this occasion I will share the science of mathematics ... may be useful.

In the discussion of the vastness of pyramic here I am only discussing a little about a quadrilateral quadrilateral for the quadrilateral upright pyramid I am talking about is a square-bottomed pyramid. Thus the limas I describe are limas as shown below.




From the figure you can see that the widths of the quadrilateral pivot edges (= L) are the sum of the base and the other sides of the triangular sides.

The width of the side in the form of a triangle = 4x1 / 2sxt
S = base of triangle
T = the height of the triangle
Broad base = sxs

So, L = 4x1 / 2 sxt + sxs.

By, @julian01