History of the origin of football

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  • When the heights (Pasuckaukkohowog) or asset Tak (Aqsaqtuk) Talking စားကြမယ် game is hard to know what Palmer-shaped မ့်. These names are popular names in the sport's ancient life. Today, a couple of games, and they are two different terms. Some Some called Soccer Football. The fast-called football. When football Edge inspire origin search in almost every region of the world was.

That's all for the historical society to undergo football closely know who invented the first modern football is going to kill, there are many points.

Egypt football was first played in 1800 BCE, since the (1800 BCE). Like what, according to the scientific support that technology can play the ball game was the revelation of the ancient land of China, five in China reed called Cho (Cuju).

The local American Indians to pay the football play I called heights. That word's definition of "support and playing ball together" means to shine.

These football players are not very desirable either did not believe there was something more severe. Always having to be soccer player soccer Once broken, broken The fracture will not be affected by other concerns.

These modern football is really large, like to play a game against န့်ပြီး competitive game with the top two teams played with a team of more than 500 people are nine.

These Games were united in a severe natural understanding of football athletes are color on the body painted variegated from the conclusion of the match, after-injury In order to avoid the often insignia.

A football team scored a team ယ့် distance of about a mile away. If you have to play well to several hours, and then a day later.

The new era in football rules in the middle of the 19th century is useful in various private schools in England ကိုယ့် ကိုယ့် and playing with the ball The consolidation on the law came emergence ခြေခံပြီး. At that time, emerging from the rules of football, "Cambridge messaging parts of the law" (Cambridge) were known rules.

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