Basic Electronics

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Basic Electronics


I've used တစ်ခေတ်တစ်ခါက Serge kick me to proceed.

Simple to use simple and easy to build / buy items are easily available Serge biscuits market for recorded TV.

While education is a major highway in TV 'VCD machines when they install.

Then there was the sound cassette machines were originally accompanying machines are destroyed and can no longer be replaced by new machines.

Sometimes, older then 12 2 24-volt car battery voltage large.

Removing the 12 volt not buy will not work now.

But from a battery that you'll look when Oliver Cha Jing voltage, thus increasing prison reflected voltage. Turn on the AC again resorted to fire again. Speaker pronunciation is also a lever, you can play a horn thud sounds ကုန်ပါတယ်.

Resolving this cave for the IC = LA 7812 interface. It will not work. IC is about 1 imperial because extremely resistant to heat and fire.

Heat installed in the car's body panels, so we can look at the car's body are sold only knew interface electrodes and well-priced.

It will not work d.

Then, according to this opinion biscuits instead of the H 1061 power transistor 2N 3055 and simply reflect 500 watts instead of 500 အုမ်း transistor အုမ်း 5 watt installed stone transistors, etc. by putting everything about it.

Serge described the form of biscuits 2

(Figure 1)

AC rubbed deep below the cap 15/18 volts DC voltage to be used if you want a 12 volt circuit. Which will be used as presented above Serge circuit if the circuit is pulling the imperial transistor and the power transistor must be installed watt transistor.

(Figure 2)

He was, as presented above, the DC 24 volt DC 12 volt only be installed if you want to switch over.

Today, using the LM317 IC which can be necessary to adjust the voltage circuit roads are easy to buy spare parts, despite the need for a mechanic when Serge biscuits will orbit support.

The voltage required for the biological variables that will be installed.

  1. 3V want 3 .3 V Zealand

Extreme want in a 5 V 5 V

Extreme want 6 V 6 V

Except for the load.

2 battery in the cassette era portable cassette, I want to open the electricity and 12 V deep and file biscuits longed to build, in my opinion, just biscuits Desktop icon integrated into the community.
If you need to hang a book.

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