Children and nature

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Hi everyone's..... !!!

Dear Steemians! It's been a long time since I didn't write on this platform because I'm busy with daily activities, and this activity can't be abandoned because it's very important and urgent, but today however, I'm back with friends who have been around since 2018

So it can be said that this post is my first post in 2020, so in this case I will write back with the theme that I raise, namely Children and Nature.

Why do I say that, because seeing children themselves is very happy in this open and spacious environment.

The joy of children in the open

It has become human nature, he will be very happy to be in a wide and open place, let alone see the vast and open nature, because psychologically, humans themselves really hate closed areas. Therefore, everyone does not want to be quarantined or confined in a place that is actually closed.

Especially for children. They will become depressed if they are always locked up and always banned with provisions that do not make themselves not free.

His unstable and cheerful nature will reject the things mentioned above by them in their own way. Children will always be happy and happy if they always play and play.

Very enthusiastic and fun when on vacation

Every child in the world will be happy when it is vacation time, this often happens when they finish school or when the class holidays. So the children will always invite their parents to go on an excursion, vacation, to certain areas, such as tourist attractions in the mountains or the coast or other places of interest. The point is they want to be in the wild to play.

The chosen holiday location is very promising for adults, meaning that their parents also enjoy visiting the place of their choice. As you can see in this post, it seems that a child spills his joy when he is in a beautiful tourist location that is provided specifically for sightseeing.

Children will be very happy to be in the open and spacious, even though they cannot describe in words, but parents will know by looking at their behavior and style when in the open.

Children like to play with nature

Every parent in this world will feel happy when they see their children happy and happy, and parents will also feel the opposite, if their children are moping and difficult, because this will have an impact on the psychological health of children.
So parents will always try to please them by bringing them to tourist sites and other locations that can please them. However, the children themselves will always give signals to their parents when they like and hate something. Spacious nature such as flower gardens or other things will make them happy when they adapt to it.

Not only is the open park in this vast nature, but also on the beach is also a very interesting thing for children to play in that location. However, parents must always supervise them when they are in the area because children do not yet fully know the bad and good things that are found in the open nature.

Thus a brief description of children and nature. Hope it is useful for all of us. Thank you very much.

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