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Lodeh vegetable is one type of vegetable that is often served by housewives. Although this vegetable is fairly simple but it tastes so appetizing. This vegetable usually consists of a very diverse vegetable composition. Where usually each housewife always uses vegetables that are different and according to their individual tastes. And in fact this vegetable has variations that are so diverse according to their respective regions. But even so, the equation is that this vegetable always uses one of the same components which uses coconut milk.

This savory and delicious vegetable will make everyone who sees it shake your tongue. Therefore, for all of you who already feel bored with vegetables that is all that when served at the dining table, then for now there is nothing wrong if you try to serve this one vegetable. This delicious addition to vegetables will increase the appetite of your beloved family at home. Not only that, this vegetable also has so many health benefits because basically this vegetable consists of vegetables that are useful for body health.


To get vegetables this one you don't need to be confused anymore, because now a lot of traders sell these vegetables in the menu of their wares. However, compared to having to buy it it would be nice to make your own at home. Because the basic ingredients and how to make them are very simple. In fact, almost all housewives know about this delicious vegetable recipe. Well, for those of you who are still confused in making this one vegetable for now don't feel worried anymore. Because we here will give you information about recipes and how to make delicious and tasty lodeh vegetables.

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