REFLECTION (a friend' story)

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After Friday Prayer, I was still sitting on the terrace of a mosque in one of the school complexes. The congregation of the mosque was deserted, dispersing each of them with their busy life.

An old grandmother offered her wares, traditional cakes. One plastic costs Rp. 5,000.
I wasn't really interested, but because of pity I bought one plastic.

The grandmother who sells cakes looks tired and sits on the terrace of the mosque not far from me. I see there are still a lot of merchandise. I soon saw a boy from the school complex coming to Grandma. I expected the boy to be a grade 1 or 2 student.

His dialogue with Grandma was clearly heard from where I was sitting.

_ "How much is the price of Grandma?" _

"One plastic cake Five thousand, kid," replied the grandmother.

The little boy took fifty thousand out of his pocket and said:

"I bought 10 plastics, this is the money, but for my grandmother, the cake can be sold again."

The grandmother is clearly visible in her eyes:

_ "Dear God, thank you very much, son. Alhamdulillah, Allah grant my prayer to buy grandchild's medicine which is sick again. "The grandmother walked straight away.

I called the boy's reflex.

"What is your name ? Which grade are you ?"

_ "My name is Radit, class 2, sir", the answer is polite.

_ "Your allowance is fifty thousand a day?"

_ "Oh ... no sir, I was given pocket money at ten thousand a day. But I never snack, because I also bring food from home. "

_ "So what did you give to Grandma saved your pocket money since Monday?" _, I asked more and more interested.

_ "Yes sir, so that every Friday I can donate fifty thousand rupiahs. And after that I always prayed that God would reward my dead mother. I once heard a lecture that there was a mother God forgiven and saved from the fire of hell because her son was giving a piece of bread, sir "_, the elementary school child spoke eloquently.

I hold the boy's shoulder:

_ "Since when did your mother die, Radit?"

_ "When I was in kindergarten, sir" _

I didn't feel my tears drip:

"Your heart is far more noble than I am Radit, this is my fifty-thousand-dollar change, huh ...", I said, handing over a fifty-dollar bill to his hand.

But Radit politely refused and said:

_ "Thank you very much, sir ... But for the sake of your father, I am still a child with no dependents ... But father has a family ... I say goodbye to class, sir. "

Radit shook my hand and kissed it.

_ "Allah take care of you, son ...", my reply was soft.

I went away, not far from there, I saw the grandmother selling cakes at a pharmacy. I rushed there, I saw the grandmother would pay for the medicine she bought.

I asked the cashier how much the medicine was. The cashier replied:

"Forty thousand rupiahs.."

I handed over the money that the child refused to the cashier:

_ "This is what I paid ... The return gives to this grandmother ..." _

_ "O Allah ... sir ..." _

My grandmother was thankful, I had rushed to leave the Pharmacy ... I rushed to Pandeglang following my friends who were traveling around the mission there.

In my heart I pray that Allah accepts my alms and forgives my parents and my beloved daughter who has gone before me back to Allah.

Friends there are times when a child is more honest than an adult, teach our children from the beginning a real action that is not a theory.

This story is from the servant of God.

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Rasulullah SAW said:
_ * "Whoever only delivers 1 (one) science and someone who practices it, so even if the person who has conveyed is dead, he / she will still get the reward." * _
(HR. Al-Bukhari)


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