beautiful underwater scenery

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hi friends steemit ....
well on this occasion I share a little about the natural beauty that is under the sea. did you know in the sea that is so beautiful to have the beauty of the extraordinary nature.


in the sea there are various coral reefs are so beautiful


the coral reef becomes a playground for small fish and large fish


coral reefs that live in the ocean are like flowers when on land, where the flowers are a place to play butterflies and sucking honey from the flower.


so also with the sea fish they are very menyuksi reef both as a playground and a place to rest


fish that play coral reefs are also not less beautiful with butterflies on the ground


so many fish are found in the ocean that inhabit the coral reefs. can diliat in the photo above.


. The coral reefs contained within the ocean provide a place for fish of various kinds.

coral reefs found in the ocean is very beautiful. besides fish, there are also human beings who tap to see its beauty.
so beautiful creation of god. it's so wonderful


That all are very nice image under sea.
Do you really go under the sea? And take this pictures.

ea i went with my friend. adu place in palau raja ampat indonesia. this is my continued poatingan yesterday. yesterday i post its natural beauty

It looks very beautiful to see such scenes of fish under water.

Very beautiful

i like your under water scenery

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