EMNT | One of Philippines representative in WORLD SUPREMACY BATTLEGROUNDS in Australia

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It was only a dream and now it’s slowly becoming a reality. The team of 40 underdogs went through a lot of struggles just to put the entire team to where it is now. Unfortunately, due to many factors, only 16 of the members will fly to Sydney, Australia and compete at World Supremacy Battlegrounds on October 11-14, 2018. They want to bring the entire pack as much as possible, but they just couldn't because of certain circumstances.


Nevertheless, they would like to take this opportunity to thank many people for making this dream nearer to reality. To all the supporters of the team, thank you for your continued support and prayers towards their success. Thank you to all their friends and family for your extended patience and help for them. They are indeed very excited to fly to Australia and represent us all.

However, they still have many needs that up to now they couldn't fulfill with their own pockets, their accommodation in Australia for a week, and their food allowances in particular. Now, may they ask you to at least help them surpass each struggles through our own little ways. They are knocking at our hearts to help them survive Australia for 1 week. Any forms of help will be very much appreciated.

For donations and help. Please contact Ms Dana Althea Fernandez at ‭+63 966 223 5412.


"To everyone, we can’t make it without you all. Win or lose. We will bring you pride! Mabuhay ang Mananayaw na Pinoy! Countdown officially begins today!" - EMNT

Let us support them!

©️Dana Althea for the pictures!

Future Plans!

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