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I was only seventeen when I had you
Definitely not the first teenager to be a dad
The stigma was vivid
They said I was too young to be father you.

I was lambasted and mocked
I was told to give you up
I held on to you the more
This is my journey.

It began the moment
You cried in that theatre
When you came
I had no excuses
All my shame vanished
You were too beautiful
I took a look at you
I knew there was no going back for us.

I had you before I had a driver's license
You came before I had my dreams
I had not discovered my purpose then
I had you before I had me
While I raised you
You raised me.

You knew me as soon as you saw me
You blinked those beautiful eyes of yours
I fell head over heels in love with you
I could tell by the way your eyes wandered
To follow my voice through the crowd
That you are here to stay
You are as sweet as honey
Totally very amazing.

Recently you teacher told me
I am the best dad and mom for you
My heart cried a little
You helped make the singles parenting thing so easy!

I am blessed
I bless the day I said yes to life
I have not regretted my decision
I doubt that I ever will
You are never a mistake!

*** Image source:pixabay


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