Be ever relevant

in #esteem2 years ago

Getting to the top is not an easy task as in order to get there, you would have to do something extraordinary and unique to be able to beat your contemporaries.

When you have gotten to the top and have been crowned the champion, you have achieved a great feat.

But then, getting to the top is one thing, and maintaining that position is another one.

For instance, let's take some of the contests we have in Nigeria as an example. Some prominent ones are project frame, Nigerian idol and Nigeria got talent.

They have been in existence for many years and they have had many winners who were rewarded handsomely.

The question now is, "this is 2018. Where are the winners of the previous years? How have they been able to develop their talents further, and how relevant are they in the society today?

It would shock you to discover that not all of them are successful. If you take a survey, you would discover that just a few of them are.

After winning, a lot of them would lavish their rewards, and when they are no more relevant, they would either go back to stage one or be worse than they were before.

At this stage, those people who years ago were looking up to them with a great expectation would be able to surpass them.

Therefore, in order to avoid that, as a champion or someone aspiring to be one, get to the top, and when you do, don't just maintain the top spot. Try to keep developing yourself.

It is when you do this that you would become a champion forever.

Image source: pixabay