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Don't waste coins or rupiah coins.

Hello, guys, #steemit, how come today?

Do friends have a metal coin collection ...?
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because there are benefits to controlling the national economy

The Bank Indonesia (BI) Representative Office of Maluku Province in Dobo, Aru Islands Regency, specifically invited the public, especially traders, to again promote the use of rupiah coins as an effort to control the inflation rate.

Head of BI Maluku's Economic Development and Advisory Team, Andi Setyo Biwado in Ambon, Maluku, said on Tuesday that the invitation was carried out in the caring for rupiah coins which took place in two locations in Yos Sudarso Square and Jargaria market in Dobo City, said

According to Andy, this activity was carried out because the Dobo City community was reluctant to transact using rupiah coins, thus triggering high prices for goods, because traders tend to round up prices.

"The Aru Regency Government and the Bank Indonesia Maluku Representative are trying to socialize the regulations on the use of rupiah money to the public," he said.

In the activity which was started with morning exercise with Johan Gonga Regent and all the ASN Aru Regency Government, BI Maluku provided Rp. 17 million in rupiah metal coins.

In addition BI Maluku also socialized the characteristics of authenticity of rupiah to prevent the circulation of counterfeit money.

'' The Dobo City community welcomed the two activities with high enthusiasm which was seen from the capital of metal coins which were entirely exchanged by the community, '' he said.

Through good coordination, he continued, between the Regional Government and the Regional Inflation Control Team (TPID), the Bank Indonesia Representative Office of Maluku Province is optimistic that the prices of basic necessities and food ingredients in Maluku can be maintained stable.

Thus, inflation in Maluku will remain low and stable until the end of 2018.

Andy added, before the coin-caring activities, it had also been carried out, a coordination meeting of the Regional Inflation Control Team (TPID) in order to control inflation through the stability of the price of goods, as well as promoting the use of rupiah coins.

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