Too Much Eating Fresh Fruit, You Can Experience This Problem

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Fresh fruit is needed for the intake of vitamins, minerals and fiber. But if consumed too much, some things can happen in the body.

In a balanced nutritional diet, almost all nutrition experts agree that fresh fruit needs to be consumed daily. 'It is advisable to consume 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day,

Fresh fruit is needed for the intake of fiber, vitamins and minerals needed every day. 'But eating too much fruit can cause an increase in blood sugar and metabolic disorders,' explains Shilpa Arora, Health Coach and Macrobiotic Nutritionist. Some of these things can happen if eating too much fresh fruit.

  • The content of sugar in the fruit


Sugar exists in various forms of glucose, fructose and sucrose. The more mengasup more and more sugar body store fat. Especially if too much mengesup fructose that is in fresh fruit. We recommend the consumption of fresh fruit and avoid dried fruits that contain more sugar.

  • Trigger weight gain


If you are losing weight, eating lots of fresh fruit will not help. Therefore avoid fruit juice and dried fruit if you are reducing your calorie intake. 3. Fruit Nutrition is incomplete Fruits do contain vitamins, fiber and minerals but do not have all the nutrients the body needs. Tidka fruit contains fatty acids and amino acids owned by other foodstuffs. Also does not contain calcium, iron and selenium.

  • It triggers indigestion
    If eating too much fruit, the stomach can be bloated, cramps, too much gas. Too much fiber intake can also interfere with digestion.

  • Raise blood sugar
    Those who experience early symptoms of diabetes are advised not to consume too much fresh fruit every day. Because the fructose content in the fruit can raise blood sugar levels. Fruits can still be consumed in normal doses.


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