Orange Juice

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Juice is a beverage of fruit juice or fruit that is mashed by blend with sweetener from sugar, syrup or milk or also unsweetened. To produce a drink of cold juice, not infrequently also made by mixing some ice cubes in the refinement process. Fruit juice is mostly made one of them is orange juice.

Orange juice is one of many rows of fruit juice drinks that can be made easily. This drink uses orange flavorings mixed with sugar, milk and water. And Here's How To Easily Make Fresh Juice Juice that you can try yourself to dikreasikan in one cup treat fresh drinks.


to beautify the appearance of a glass of orange juice, you can insert pieces of orange with a half-round cut shape and then pasted on the glass lips.

It is very easy to make this orange juice drink and only need a blender and some grain materials only. Suitable also sipped to relieve sultry feeling in the body and with the content of vitamin C is very good for your body needs.


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