Chocolate Benefits For Health

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Chocolate is a prima donna food that turns out to have many benefits, especially dark chocholate or dark chocolate.

This delicious meal is probably one of the best things to eat every day as more research finds its health benefits.

Reported by Techtimes, this type of chocolate has a higher cocoa content and does not contain dairy products.

In addition, dark chocolate is also considered a 'super food' thanks to a million benefits in it.


So no wonder if many diet experts who suggest to add these foods in the diet program.

Dark chocolate is also considered a healthier aternative than milk chocolate.

New research shows, dark chocolate with a high cocoa concentration can help improve one's memory.

In fact, research suggests these foods can help a person increase the level of immunity and reduce stress levels.

Dr. Lee S. Berk of Loma Linda University, USA, and his team conducted two studies showing that high cocoa content in ordinary chocolate has a positive impact on humans.


One study focused on the impact of 70 percent cocoa chocolate consumption on the human immune system and dendritic cell gene expression.

The results show, eating chocolate enhances activation of T cells, cellular immune responses and genes involved with neural signals and increased sensory perception.

Meanwhile, a second study showed improved behavior and brain health thanks to chocolate consumption.

"All this research shows us, the higher the concentration of cocoa, the more positive the impact on cognition, memory, mood, immunity and other beneficial effects," Berk said.

Berk emphasized that further research is still needed in larger populations to confirm these new findings.

In addition to the latest findings from this research, dark chocholate is also believed to reduce blood pressure and diabetes risk.

It can also prevent various diseases from occurring such as certain cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and age-related degenerative disorders.

For women, dark chocolate is said to help overcome cramps during menstruation.

Dark chocholate actually helps increase sex drive and help you lose weight.

This type of chocolate is also good for the heart because it contains large amounts of fiber and antioxidants that nourish the heart.


In fact, dark chocholate can help a person sleep more soundly at night.