5 creations of black forest cake From Indonesia

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Black forest is a kind of cake whose name has been known by many people in various parts of the world. In addition to being enjoyed as a dessert, this cake is also often used as a cake on someone's birthday celebration.

Black forest cake itself is one of the typical types of cakes originating from Germany. In the country of origin, this cake is made from chocolate sponge which is then coated with fresh cream, chocolate and cherry shavings that have been previously soaked in Kirschwasser (dry type of brandy liquor).

Nowadays there are many food creation innovations with the taste of black forest cake. Now the black forest cake you can enjoy in the form of different food and the present. Of course without reducing the taste and enjoyment of the cake black forest itself.

  • Waffle black forest
    Waffle is more identical with the golden yellow color. But unlike Waffle from Waffelicious which offers waffles in various colors. Includes a black color that you can enjoy with a taste of black forest that is ready to spoil your tongue.

  • Black forest gelato
    Gelato is the most delicious eaten when during the hot day. Sweet and cold gelato will certainly reduce the heat felt. Well one of the gelato shop in the area of Puri Indah, Jakarta has a unique gelato flavor variant that is black forest gelato. Black forest gelato from Pesca Ice Cream Cakes has a very strong rum flavor.

  • Choko forest
    Roppan's diner presents different toast bread creations than usual. The shop is located in Gandaria, Jakarta has a variant of Choko Forest with a taste like a real black forest cake. Just imagine it made drooling right?

  • Milk black forest
    If the milk generally consists only three variants of flavor, namely strawberries, vanilla and chocolate. You will find a unique flavor variant at the Papa Milk Store. Dairy outlets located in the area of Meruya and Tebet, Jakarta offers a black forest of black forest races with sweet cotton toping.

  • Martabak blackpool
    This black martabak shop can indeed be regarded as one of the black forest cake in another form. Make sure you choose toping cream chees and oreo to taste the martabak that you enjoy more steady.


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