Red Peacock Flowers

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Peacock flowers with the scientific name Caesalpinia Pulcherrina is an ornamental plant commonly planted in front of the yard and garden. The height of the tree can reach two meters with a growing stem. It would be more beautiful if this type of flowers are treated with bonsai techniques in height 50CM, with flower petals spread and leaves that resemble the leaves of kelor will be more beautify your home page. In addition to this beautiful peacock flowers have medicinal properties that can be used as a drug menstruation for women, eliminates bloating, heat and spasms in children, red eyes, diarrhea, and canker sores. However, do not occasionally consume peacock flowers for treatment in pregnant women because for the condition of pregnant women, part of the peacock flowers contain substances that are too hard and can be harmful to the fetus.



Peacock plants have a high survival in critical land, this plant is very easy to grow in land that is alkaline, acid, nutrients, and resistant to drought. This plant is very fast growing within 1 year only. This plant is suitable for the rehabilitation of critical land because the leaves and flowers are easy to fall out. Leaves and flowers that fall will fall to the ground and rot, over time will form humus. other than that the flowers will invite bees and other insects to perch, thus speeding up the pollination process.

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What beautiful flower

peacock flowers

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Cantik nya bunga merak 😆😆

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Nice flower