How to cultivate pumpkin siam

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Choosing pumpkins to be served as a delicious cuisine is a little tricky or bothered easy because it looks from outside the pumpkin Siam will look the same all. In order for you to get squash with good quality following some ways: Choose a siamese gourd that still has a round shape, hard outer shell and smooth surface; Squash pumpkins that you have purchased can be stored in the refrigerator by storing them in a closed plastic. This method can keep the pumpkin last up to a week; To process the squash, can cut into two parts then between the already visible side of the meat is rubbed with a circular motion for the sap in the squash is gone; After the sap disappears, you can peel off the hard skin and then wash it off; Cut into dice and squash made into a mixture for clear vegetables spinach or tamarind; Small-sized pumpkins can be boiled directly and then eaten into lalapan.


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