Wives Must Know This: About The Facts of Women (wives) End Times (Millennial Era)

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This is what happens to women (wives) at now's era, when they are at home, in front of their husbands they are dressed modestly, hair is disheveled, and the aroma (body odor) is left unhappy (smell unpleasant).

If you talk to your husband in a loud and high voice, but if they come out of his house, in front of a crowd especially in front of other men they are dressed in good clothes, dress up beautifully and wear perfumes, and speaking in a soft voice. They (end-time women) are free to leave their homes without having to ask permission from their husbands. While the husband does not have the courage to rebuke his wife like that.


But on the contrary, when the husband is late returning home due to some unavoidable factors, they (the wives) immediately stretch, snapping, berate, and interrogated her husband. This is the fact that happened to Muslim households in the end times, where who in control in the household are wives.

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Even sometimes, her husband is a religiously educated and religious person. But it is unfortunate that he has allowed his wife to disobey him by not giving his wife good education and advice.

O ... My sister ... this is a fact and the fact that you have exceeded the limit of rights and obligations as a wife. You speak in a gentle voice with other men, but you are rude to your husband. You dress up beautifully in front of other men, but you don't dress up beautifully in front of your husband.

O ... My sister ... "The best women is the wife who when seen by her husband makes her husband happy and smiles happily to see his wife". The beautiful dress up in front of another man makes the husband jealous and hurt. Have you ever thought about that?.

A good woman is obedient to the husband if told to, and he also cares for and maintains himself and her husband's property when the husband is not at home.

You should entertain and make your husband happy when he returns home in a state of fatigue from earning a living for his family (child and wife). Not the opposite, you scold him with spicy words that make him hurt and sick. He just wants to smile to see you, your beauty can get rid of his fatigue, and make him stronger to make a living.

The Virtue of Women (Wife)


End-time women are obliged to read this because there are many virtues of women who do not know by women in this end-time.

  1. The prayer of a wife who is obedient to her husband has the strength of 70 God's guardians
  2. A wife who makes a drink to her husband without being asked, then the reward is the same as the 3x khatam Al-qur'an (reading the Qur'an 30 juz 3x)
  3. A wife who cooks food, then the food is eaten by the husband, child and family, then the reward is all for the wife
  4. The husband's prayer who eating food made by the wife becomes a prayer that is istijabah (maqbul / easily accepted)
  5. The wife who wakes the husband to pray or reminds him to pray in the mosque, the reward is 27 + 1
  6. The wife who woke up at midnight because of the child cried because of thirst, then she woke up and breastfed her child, then the reward is the same as 70x Hajj Mabrur.
  7. Every drop of milk that the mother uses for the child is 200 x kusyu' prayer 'and her prayer is blessed (maqbul).

This is explained in many yellow books (Islam books) that speak Arabic like "uqudul lujaini", and many hadiths that discuss the virtues of the wife.

Actually, there is quite a lot of reward for a woman who if they do, they are guaranteed to enter heaven. But why did they (women of the end times) not see that, instead they actually preferred to seek sin by disputing and not obeying their husbands.

The virtue of the woman I mentioned above is not owned by the husband. If the woman is beautiful in front of the husband, said with a gentle and polite voice, washing clothes and cooking for her husband and children, breastfeeding her child, and carrying out all her rights and obligations as a wife.

The woman's heaven at home, and not outside the house, it does not mean that women cannot leave the house if there is a need allowed to leave the house by asking permission from the husband.

In fact today, women prefer careers rather than reward (heaven) without thinking about their duties and duties as a wife, they are not afraid of disobedience, they even dare to shout, threaten, and berate her husband.

May my sisters here, hopefully, all of you be good and obedient women to your husband. Do the best for your household life so that your life is happy and harmonious

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