Simple Tips: Steps To Create Content (Writing / Post) That Systematic, and Easy To Understand By Readers

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For most people, writing activity is an activity that is considered very boring. But when we have entered the world of writing, we will find its own pleasure, and feel how exciting it is to pour creative and innovative ideas by dancing the pen on white paper.

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Actually, by writing that we can also enrich your knowledge and provide a lot of information to many people (readers). Well, for those of you who are interested and want to learn to write, you can follow these steps:

1) Interesting and Important Topics

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The first thing you have to do is choose and determine the topic. Choose interesting and important topics, even though not all interesting topics are important, and not all important topics are interesting. At least two from that (interesting or important) must contain in your topic, in the sense that you must know and master the topic will you selected.

For beginners who have just entered the world of writers, the selection and mastery of the topic is the main key. For example, for those of you who like to teach. Write down tips and effective teaching strategies that you have applied to your students. For those of you who like to cook various foods and culinary, then write cooking tips. Likewise for those of you who like to read, you can also write the latest interesting and useful book reviews that you have read. If you like to exercise, then you can write and recommend sports and their location through your writing.

Why is like that? Because writing things that we like and have mastered will make us enjoy the fun of writing and make us more excited because we pour our knowledge directly what we do and experience into our writing.

2) Create and Formulate A Writing Framework

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The second thing that must be done by an author after choosing and determining the topic is to create and formulate a writing framework. The writing framework becomes our basic reference (planning) when executing our writing later. Record and plan what you want to write about in the sense that you as the writer must determine the keyword variables of your writing.

For example, for example, you want to write about tourist attractions in Aceh. In the first paragraph, you want to discuss tourist sites in Aceh and how many tourists visit there. Then next in the second paragraph, you want to discuss the beach "Ujong Blang" for example. Do it until the last paragraph of your writing.

Creating and formulating the writing framework will help you a lot in remembering what you want to pour into your writing later. You can also use certain frameworks or instruments to collect data that will complete your writing later.

3) Data Search

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Accurate and representative data is an important instrument in writing, especially what we write is scientific work. As nice and interesting as your writing without data will be hard to believe by people. It can be said that writing (writing) without data is the same as vegetables without salt. Our writing will not be credible writing (scientific work) if it is not accompanied by representative data. In fact, the information we provide will be read by many people and even millions of people. Well, if the data is invalid how can people believe what we write? Even we can mislead readers with our writing like that. Therefore, data is one of the most important elements in writing. So after selecting the topic and formulating the writing framework, all you have to do is look for data in the field. In order to make it easier for us to find accurate data, make a list of observations and a list of interviews. Make observations and then find respondents to interview.

In the world of scientific writing, there are two types of data that you can find to complete your writing, namely primary and secondary data. Primary data is data that you get from the resource person directly. To obtain primary data, of course, you have to go through the interview process with resource persons, both structured interviews and unstructured interviews.

While you can get secondary data from literature such as books, online journals, newspapers, magazines or online media. Please note that every quote (data that you take from secondary sources) must be included in your reference. If the data collection you take is a picture or photo, include the source of the image and the name of the site. Listing resources will train you to become a professional writer and you will not be labeled as professional plagiarism.

After all the data you want you have successfully collected (all data is collected), the next step is to write based on the data you found and collected.

So that you can pour creative ideas, I recommend choosing a place that is conducive and calm where you can explore ideas optimally.

Here is where you have to reuse the writing framework that you created earlier. Do it well and don't be in a hurry. If you are lose inspiration, stop for a moment and do light activities such as listening to music, or drinking a cup of coffee plus cigarettes, playing a game or watching an episode of your favorite drama on a laptop screen or a notebook that you have. After the situation is relaxed again, you can resume writing again.

4) Editing

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After you have written all the writing, it is time for you to position yourself as an editor of your writing. You must check and reread your writing from beginning to end. Pay attention to the writing method and system of your writing, see and also note the placement of punctuation marks such as commas (,), periods (.), Use of compound sentences, writing body notes, footnotes, bibliography and how to write italic, etc. etc.

You also have to pay attention to systematics between sentences. Has the first sentence been connected with the second sentence or has it jumped from the topic in the first sentence, in the sense that your writing has been systematic so it is easy to read and understand by the reader? Do not let your writing actually make the reader confused and not understand what you want to convey. Now, by checking all of the above, you will understand more about the writing procedure according to the correct writing rules and also understand how to write well and systematically.

Thanks For Your Time

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Best inspirational thought.I do not modify science 14 giving a reward from my heart.

Never been much of a planner or an editor. However they are incredibly important steps in the writing process.

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