Financial Intelligence: The Key To Achieve Financial Freedom

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Does Need Financial Intelligence In Managing Moeny?

One proof of a person's success is that he has financial intelligence. Successful people usually have good financial intelligence. They have the ability to manage money so that their assets continue to grow along with the running time, and some even reach the stage of financial independence (financial freedom). Those who have reached the financially independent stage no longer need to spend energy and thought to make money, but the money is already working for them.
The question is, are we has been financially independent?


Money Works For You or You Work For Money???

Our lives cannot be separated from money, even though people often say that
"money is not everything"
, but everyone needs it. That is the fact, meaning that no human being does not need money. Money has become our need as a human being to survive and fulfill all the needs of life, both individual life and family life. Therefore, financial intelligence is very important in managing assets, including digital assets (cryptocurrency) such as steem, SBD, BTC, ETH and others.


Financial Intelligence is Able To Make Money Productively

In practice (best practice), financial intelligence covers at least all aspects. First, how we make money in a productive way in the sense that we work to make money, and that is for sure everyone works to get money. But the thing is, is the way we do to get money productive? Is the time, mind and energy that we have used with the money generated has been the same (already balanced)?


For example: Complaints around us where most of the employees who work in certain companies or agencies are always thinking of getting a raise constantly. As a result of them constantly thinking about salary increases, work is not concentrated so the results are not effective. Furthermore, the output given to the company is also decreasing. In the end, the company's performance can decline which may have an impact and have implications for the inability of the company to pay the salaries of its employees well.

People who have financial intelligence, say an employee, he should have to understand that the source of income is derived from salaries, benefits and bonuses provided by the company where he works. So to be able to get more salary (income), like it or not it has to give a greater output to the company so that the performance of the company concerned also increases.

So in order to get money that is equivalent to the time, energy, and mind that is poured out, then do your work well and effectively, so as to be able to influence the improvement of the company's performance. That means you have worked optimally (working with high quality), not working with high quantity in the sense that your work duration (time) is more but the results are not quality.

If the quantity of your work is high, but the quality of your work is low, it cannot be said to be productive. So this is where we need financial intelligent so that with relatively little time we can work optimally, and the results are productive.

Second, has the ability to protect the money that has been obtained. When we are able to make money productively, the next step is how we protect the money we have earned. In everyday life, we often hear, for example, In the Aceh community there is the term
"mudah ditamomng, mudah habeh"
, the English term
"easy come, easy go"
. In the sense that the money is obtained in an easy way, it will easily run out. But, how worse, there are some people from certain circles that the road to earning money is very difficult, but on the other hand it is very easy for them to spend it regardless how the conditions in the future.

Then how is the right way to protect the money that has been obtained, regardless of whether it is obtained easily or is very difficult. Regarding this, can be said that very few formulations or ways to protect money, because of the basic principle (the key word) therre is on our as the owner of money. If someone is able to control and manage their financial management properly, then automatically the money is protected safely. Maybe most of us know how to make money productively, but not necessarily able to protect it from the things that make us wasteful in spending it. So the point is, it all depends on our principles and behavior as the owners of money. There are no specific formulations on this matter.

Although very few formulations about how to protect money. But, With financial intelligence that we have, of course, there are special ways to protect money, in the sense that we must protect the value of money.

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As a simple example, if we currently have 10,000 Steem / SBD, where we can invest amount for Steem Power (SP), or we can also buy a plot of land for example. So if we still hold the money in cash, then it's not certain that in the next year we can buy a plot of land that currently costs 10,000 Steem / SBD. This is intended to protect the value of our money. The only step to protect it from the decline in value, we must exchange the money with other objects that can increase in value in next year.

Furthermore, after we are able to protect the value of money from decline, the third step we must do is effectively manage the budget. After we are able to provide protection against the value of money, is the problem finished? Of course not yet. Budget management is also far more important so that our financial activities meet this third step to fulfill this third rule.

Therefore, we must be effective in managing the budget. In the sense that we must determine how much of our income is spent to finance consumptive, for example. Then how much of the income we get should we tube. Then we also have to pay attention to whether our consumptive financing is based on planning or just exhausted (following instinct) in the sense of unplanned consumptive costs.

Someone who has financial intelligence, then every satoshi or penny of money that he spends must be based on a need, and has been allocated and budgeted beforehand. All the money he spends is planned according to his priorities on his needs, and then every budget we have spend it, we have to do an evaluation so we know where the deviations, how much the deviation, and then we want to improve the activities of our financial. If you are able to manage your finances like that, I think your chances of financial freedom are enormous.

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