Ceremony Closing of The 2018 Asian Game: The End Is Very Festive and Fun

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The Uniqueness and Beauty of Ratoh Jaroe Dance is Able To Hypnotize Millions of Audience

As we have known and witnessed that at the opening of the 2018 Asian Games some time ago precisely on Saturday (08/18/2018) took place with great fanfare. Where at the opening ceremony was greeted with a dance from Aceh called "Ratoh Jaroe Dance". The dance that was shown at the opening event managed to make millions of spectators amazed where it could be said that the dance amazed the entire audience so that the opening ceremony of the 2018 Asian Games became even more lively.

What was shown at the Asian Games opening ceremony was the Ratoh Jaroe dance, not Saman dance, although most viewers both domestic and foreign thought this was a saman dance. You can see the beauty and uniqueness of this ratoh dance in the following video.

Dance Performance Ratoh Jaroe At The Opening of The Asian Games 2018 The Most Beautiful


The dance shown at the opening of the Asian Game is Ratoh Jaroe dance, it is not saman dance, although it looks very similar to saman dance. In Acehnese the word Ratoh means "dancing" and Jaroe means fingers. If these two words are combined, it can mean "dancing fingers". So "Ratoh Jaroe" is "dancing fingers".

As you can see in the video above, this Acehnese dance combines hand, shoulder, body and head movements so that it can move in harmony with one dancer and the other. Ratoh Jaroe dance itself was developed by Yusri (Dek Gam) in 1999. [Read More]

The fundamental difference between Saman Dance and Ratoh Jaroe Dance is actually located in several aspects, including the saman dance not accompanied by traditional Acehnese musical instruments such as Rapa'i and Geundrang. While the Ratoh Jaroe dance is performed with musical instruments like Rapa'I and Geundrang.

In the saman dance focus on the applause of the dancers. The point is that saman dance is not accompanied by musical instruments, only accompanied by the clapping of the dancers.

Another difference is the number of dancers, the number of odd dances of Saman dance, while the Ratoh Jaroe dance dancers number even. If we look at the number of dancers featured in the opening game of the Asian Games yesterday the number is not dozens of people but thousands, there are even some sources who say that the number of dancers performing at the Asian Game Opening event was 1,600 Dancers.

So the performance of dancers from the Ratoh Jaroe dance that is displayed can hypnotize the entire audience and the guests present. And that can be said as one of the ways the Indonesian people glorify guests who attend the biggest event (2018 Asian Game).

So it can be said that the opening of the Asian game took place very lively and became the spotlight of millions of people. Well, what about the closing ceremony of the 2018 Asian Game?

The Excitement of the Asian Games 2018 Closing Ceremony


The Asian Games 2018 is not only lively at the opening ceremony, but the closing is also very lively. The 2018 Asian Games that closed on Sunday (02/09/2018) became the pride of Indonesia as the host where Indonesia won the best achievement record at the Asian Games with the acquisition of 31 gold, 24 silver and 43 bronze which finally, the Asian Games many praises from various good circles domestic and foreign.

The closing ceremony was also set up with great fanfare and was filled with various events to enliven the ceremony closing of the 2018 Asian game.

The festive impression of this clossing ceremony also made the audience and guests feel goosebumps when Siti Badriyah sang a song with the title "Lagi Syantik".


Siti Badriah was able to shake the Gelora Bung Karno, the audience creeps made by her appearance so that be very entertaining.

Not only the presence of the top artists that makes the closing ceremony be more lively and cool. But there are also some things that are not less important than the excitement from the ceremony closing of the 2018 Asian Game.

Congratulations from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the people of Indonesia as the host of the 2018 Asian Games.

"Congratulations to President Jokowi and the people of Indonesia who have hosted the unforgettable 2018 Asian Games. These matches bear witness to the great performances of the athletes and embody an extraordinary spirit of sportsmanship," Modi said viaTwitter


[Image: Screenshot]

Other praise from the President of the Asian Olympic Council, OCA, Al-Fahad Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah he also praised Indonesia in his speech at the closing ceremony.


Another unique and impressive thing about the closure of this Asian game is coming from the President of Indonesia, where the Indonesian president, Mr. Jokowi watched the ceremony closing of 2018 Asian Game with the victims of the earthquake in Lombok who are currently mourning because of the natural disasters that struck them.


As published by many media that Pak Jokowi after giving bonuses to athletes who won medals on Sunday (02/09) morning, he went to Lombok to watch the closing of the Asian Games with earthquake victims.

At the closing ceremony of the Asian Games in Jakarta, Pak Jokowi was not present, but then he gave his remarks from Lombok via video. The steps and behaviors get reaped praise as well as insults from netizen (warganet).

So be said that the 2018 Asian Games take place with festive at the beginning (opening ceremony) and festive at the end (closing ceremony). This success cannot be separated from the role and participation of all those who participate and contribute to the success of Asia's biggest sports party.

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