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Durian is the name of tropical plants originating from the Southeast Asian region, as well as the name of the fruit that can be eaten. This name is derived from the characteristic skin of his fruit is hard and sharp curves that resemble a thorn. The popular title is "king of all fruits" (King of Fruit). Durian is a controversial fruit, although many people love it, but others are sickened by its aroma.

In fact, plants with durian names are not a single species but a group of plants belonging to the Durio clan.

However, the term durian (without any affix) is usually Durio zibethinus. Other types of edible durians and sometimes found in the local market in Southeast Asia include lai (D. kutejensis), dependence (D. oxleyanus), turtle durian or kekura (D. graveolens), and lahung (D dulcis). Hereinafter, the description below refers to D. zibethinus.


The center of durian diversity is the island of Borneo. The surrounding areas also have some durian germplasm, such as Mindanao, Sumatra, and the Malay Peninsula though not as abundant as Borneo. Nonetheless, the main exporter of durian is Thailand, which is capable of developing high quality cultivars and good cultivation systems.

Other places that cultivate durians with export orientation are Mindanao in the Philippines, Queensland in Australia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, India and Sri Lanka.

In the Philippines, the durian producing center is in the Davao area of ​​Mindanao Island. Kadayawan Festival is an annual celebration for durian in Davao City.


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