Good life begin from the childhood

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*Everybosy have being must be born in a holy state (without being tainted with the good of an environment). But why are some people who have bad treatment (uncivilized)? Perhaps it is caused by a factor or influence of the environment that is absorbed and made a threatened identity of a child. In this case, parental guidance is needed. Because as we know, the worst attitude and behavior of someone will surely listen to the words of his parents. Because that is what distinguishes man from animals. In other words, parents are the first teachers to teach us everything. Starting from eating, drinking, about good and bad things and everything else is fine. Because every parent will surely teach a good thing for her child.* ![image]()
*When a child grows up, surely he will be a good and polite person thanks to the first lesson he gets from his parents. Now it is time for the child to respond to the kindness and sincerity he has gained from his parents since he was born. Although all the services of parents will not be able to reciprocate with anything that exists in the world, but trying to be what the parents want is a small act that makes every parent think that he is correct in educating his children. So just be a good person, as everyparents expectsled !!*
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