eSteem Tip #1 - Accessing URL with Surfer

in #esteem5 years ago

Good day eSteemians! Starting from today, I will start to give Tips on eSteem apps (Mobile/ eSteem Surfer), kindly follow up, you will love them...

Do you know you can access Steemit/Busy URL on eSteem Surfer? Yes you can


It is very simple; copy your Steemit/Busy link e.g and paste it into the Search text box 69wf6jxvoe.png located at the menu bar of eSteem Surfer and hit your Enter button or Click the Search Icon oea8avy26h.png.



horpey footer

esteem team


Esteem is the best.

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As I sidon laidis, I dey gbadun you baba

thanks boss

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