in esteem •  last year 

Story continue.
On the naming ceremony, my family name me, abdulihameed, omogbolahan, olasunbo etc. After the naming ceremony, Almighty continue to provide for my dad and he is earning alot. My mum is looking pretty more and more, she is very happy to have me, many things change about them. We all live happily.

After few weeks my decided to resumed to her shop, but she couldn't leave me with grandma at home, because anytime I am hungry nobody can stop me from crying until I have my feeder full with powder milk called 123. After eating I continued with my play. I don't take pap. My mum told me I'm very strong from birth and handsome, big. She said everybody do like to carry me. Many people brought gifts for me. I look very sharp. I don't know its late anytime I'm hungry I cried it out. I suck my mum breast a lot. My dad always took me to his friends place.

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