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Human palm, there have been those who have long been specialized research done. It will be no documents were recorded there. He was also revealed by the world's signs. Palm Cairo with many students, including students,
it is important to accurately record and scientific research activities. This kind of research, in the form (7) to identify and record the findings. (7)

(1) Basic. .

He attached great importance to physical concepts, You often see many who are weak in the idea. Those who can not completely restrain the increases, they then became the sod Our mind is working naïve actions. Especially in the criminal court, 60% of people who have been sentenced in checking found. Social crime perpetrated by those who are related to human moral character who has been observing the social captured such research. Other routes can match.
(2) Canada. .

The faithful and the typical in-line in a larger system. These people are materialistic are realistic for them to see, to see, to walk, are believers. Conservative elements, cheap, Traditions are kept till death. The owners of this tradition, law and order, etc. to attend the specific system, often well received. Discipline became a good reputation because တယ််. Other routes can match.

(3) Based outcast fever. .

The root cause fever, fever and wide from a narrow base to form a consistent framework. Those with a good idea. Thus, a new era in the history of the world bore a number of innovative practices in areas. Children do not need Canada's race, they Yoma money, law and order had to be strictly adhered to and practiced. By studying the religious doctrine and make believe. Other routes can match.
(4) International Version. .

Spiritual need is a policy-based owner, the owners of this there is a related concept တွေးခေါ်ခြင်း. So the so-called law, which owns the form. This is the dharma seekers တယ််. India is a form of cancer found in the knee are called saints. ဖြစ်ပါတယ်် race for economic prosperity Swine them are those who see the world literally. Lincoln, League Many leaders are owner-New International Version. Other routes can match.

(5) is sharp. .

I see them as very tender. Friendly people who have a strong artistic side. Musicians, The film-makers, writers, directors, actor groups and field world and is most often found in the form of a sharp ones တယ််. These individuals are feeling the impact area, are also sentimental. You can match any other routes.
(6) Fiction. .

Those who possess this type s homework are very low. Polite and sensitive. Loyal and are also easy to believe everything everyone တယ်် business. Thus, most often, they have lost when leading the race. If the crooks have been often to the top of the owners. Despite the much anticipated fantasy for industrial practice, have you done any kind are very weak ones. Other routes can match.

(7) mixed groups. .

The owners are living in a racially mixed, with interfaith groups if they are happy. They are supposedly. Select a change. Such flaws. They also captured unique life purpose there is no specific goals, how to become friends. Ones. According to the theory of Karma, the next challenge, perseverance often less easy operation. .That many who are suffering the world feel the angst ones. Other routes can match.
(7) as well as water, fire and earth.. (4) in the form of research တယ််. A sign on your hand and forms တယ်် important. Once you are reserved for individuals. In the palm of your life's future should be checked as well. In such cases, one can accurately read the palm to palm when something will tell.


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