tobacco consumption via the media

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Most Burmese betel induce consumption. (Photo - Especially Women and Children (Amarapura))

Betel and tobacco consumption via the media campaign betel consumption can be reduced by more than 60 percent in May, according to the Public Health Foundation issued a 7 day survey.
Ministry of Health and Sport 0, operating and control of tobacco leaves, the Public Health Foundation conducted a half months later, in 2017, betel leaves and the media to advocate dangerous activity (in the campaign) As a result, a recent survey by the roll out.

The national survey, randomly selected from six townships (18) (55) years old betel consumer research questioned 245 businesses. Kuan consumers through campaigns, 62 percent were moves to cut betel survey.
This is about half of the population included in the survey if careful retain 87 percent of the activity through the fact that it leaves its health day strike movement had been interviewed had concerns. In addition, 70 percent of their family members to quit betel encouragements there, according to the lawsuit.

I've done on television and radio, The media was through education was really the result of the program. We are and will be more effective and wide programs. In doing reopened today, but you can save a lot of lives, '' said chairman of the Public Health Foundation Dr Than Sein said.

Betel and tobacco were killed in Myanmar has a population of about sixty-year, This mortality rate, said he was able to join hands with all.

The first campaign results, it will be a crisis in the middle of this year, the second campaign. Like the first time in this campaign, physical media Radio and news journals knowledge of betel and tobacco consumption sector bank.
'' Campaign because of smoking, tobacco consumption To reduce the consumption of betel is a cost efficient way. This must be more အသိပညာတွေ '' said World Health Organization (WHO) urged the Resident Representative, Mr. Steven Jobs.
Myanmar has a population of more than 50 million women in the national population of 10 million and two million daily consumption of betel.


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