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"Negative emotion began teransform. (I). If you do such a positive emotion and negative emotion, it was turned into a balance. (A) balance emotion is well known as"
Only talking about Dr. Samuel's prophecy. With regard to this prophecy, one might ask.


Son-in-law of the equal sign,
An equal sign.
Conflict white ghost-sided giving away everything.
မဇ္ ဈတ္ white first stars ဌာနံ moderate towards the mind through meditation.
Is shown in the literature about ten ignored. If you pick up a large number of ten Jews မဇ္ ဈတ္ what 's your name.

What is the conflict ခော side tilting. နှစ်် evenly, Be able to enjoy the view, Attitude. And equally a sign of indifference.

Talent and experience attacks that insults worthy of praise. Shocked reproach and praise... These insults attitude is praised both side did not tilt towards the issue being viewed as equally successful action. It seemed equally insulted view because of their conscience and did not go to the other side edge equally well. Called a genius ignored.
How to find and poverty won grief. When it comes to comfort and preferred. Both the attitude towards the other side edge. It is due to poverty, not belly comforting pleasure. Minded moderate depth. Can be seen as the equivalent of two poor. Can be equally dramatic. You can also enjoy. The equally well.
The entourage forming conscience extreme sorrow and joy often SOL. The success is also very active, Because of extreme grief. The presence of medium depth undermined. The attendants are equal.

Taking bribes. Otherwise, bribes of grief. လောကသဘာဝ. How bad gains, gain experience. Grief Quick edge. There is a moderate depth. It is ignored. The genius ignored.

Love animals want to eat. Damage to the embarrassment of anger. I want to prosper, and is not either. Is not destroyed by damage. Their supplies are due to luck, not being willing heart There is no cause damage. The desire to make good damage and Quick takes a moderate depth. It is ignored. Brahmaputra စိုရ် called indifference.
It is a pity the creature. Persecution. Without causing the whole year of a moderate depth. Brahmaputra စိုရ် ignored.

Living creatures grow growth joy. Is jealous. This should prevent both heart of being evenly. Brahmaputra စိုရ် ignored.

Is Brahmaputra စိုရ် ignored bowels without cause against Slytherin and their equivalent chamber. Bowels of the edge of the Slytherin. Good, but a little peace. Of unity. They came from the plant to prosper. The others came from the plant because of mere compassion. They are delighted to be felt. Therefore, apart from the quake. Of peace and unity. Then the edge of good heart Kan ordinances to avoid the tender mercies of the ban being Slytherin. Also, they bring to the opposite extreme. About the good and the bad, bad living beings in harmony and not make anything a balanced state of mind. It Brahmaputra စိုရ် ignored. အတော်မလွယ် attitude.

(Flesh will not lay it to heart in mind are not the only sin)

If post-enlightenment among ဈင် painstaking work, If post-integrity problems, There is extreme evil. Enlightenment ဈင် too. (But) the enlightenment and becoming an extreme ဈင် Worth should be reduced without the presence of evenly wash enlightenment ဈင် called indifference.

Bad news too diligent in meditation. Too bad compromise. Worth your diligent, equally in the presence of moderate depth of paint called.

Ordinances ရုပ်နာမ် saw a negative view. Afraid of. Saw sin. Weary. The fabrications of the need to escape from extreme. In trouble again in order to escape death by vanity publishing. The understanding of the dramatic medium. Aftershock.
When he continued to exert a troublesome emptiness ရုပ်နာမ် died medium can be viewed with a certain attitude. No fear of pleasure. A frank exchange of pleasure sees sin. Vast empty nor not want to miss. The extreme strength nor power.


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