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In addition to the military government of leaking secret death was sentenced to 20 years, retired Major Win Naing Kyaw, U Win Myint's amnesty on April 17 Tharyarwaddy was released from prison.
Until his release from prison in 2010, he was imprisoned for eight years and three months. It captures the jails, the retired Major Win Naing Kyaw 7Day Daily newspaper interview what was extracted from the country.

The arrest, tell us about your situation and the first step in the prison penalties.
Prior to 2006, was retired from the Army. Foreign Economic served. From resign and socio-economic services and conflict resolution began as start-ups in the industry. There is no office. Private home packets. UMFCCI official packets. Doing in favor of the scholars from the UK government's official program. There. I attended classes on the conflict go. Conflict resolution and conflict transformation to the next level, using the master's degree course for applicants to attend. That became elected to attend Cambodia. I attended. The program is loaded back in 2009. At that time, the Internet news about the State's overseas trip and the elders, some plain. The accompanying information shows we COMMENT. Adaptable to be considered when I catch. Where to catch the airport. Customs had not yet come. Foreign discovery and arrest. The witness does not. My Computer nothing well.
This arrested the next play. The two organizations are then asked a series of 42-day open again. A total of four. အရေးပေါ်စီမံမှု section 3, and Electronic communications under Section 33 (b), and Official Secrets Act Section 6 (3), and Foreign Exchange Law, Article 24 (1) and a total of four. Both these take maximum penalties total death and thrown 20 thousand.

The punishment was imposed on about how I felt.

I was arrested. This affected both sentenced to long years in prison because draconian. Since these first and my father died in my mind. My mother was very much hurt. Our families became Test the bench. What is really a state secret. Wide rate. The servant must open them on your computer. You must die. The witness did not. There is no open check. In the formal complaint form, however, is different from the process. Such differences, showed a step-by-step how did I know how the head of the top.
We could read every second look. I'd say in the opinions felt. There is no State was opposed. Vowed not been contacted. This section also does not me. What's so secret, That was how the secret leaked This leak was what had happened, I could ask the judge in court. However, the trial court prison. Pinch them to the error. My client, built ဒီလိုဒီလို Would ဒီလိုဒီလို would go to court in an accountable organization.

I look at the 42-day visit. Prisoner life and lived for more than 150 days. He said. After the investigating officer at the court and the investigating officer, at 58 days. In a short time, orders down. My side's nobody there. This time through the situation.

For he has committed no offense was alleged that mean.

Course. They had a section that I did not commit.

That 's arrest was considered to proceed.

The event also serves as the world later. I found on the Internet. Wikileaks Edward Snowden would appear. They are developed using advanced computer technology that will track how many advanced and difficult to track. But the organization, Government, but these are the people who track. So, from our state's history, we reached the old location from your computer How you must have right now because the technology is testimony. The people close to decode so certainly to the defendant. I think that while this form ever pull it off.
The reported arrests longed want.

If I do not want to criticize. Operation disadvantages as well. If we can work ethnic and nine. No treatment related. but


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