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Science in contemporary history was recorded by the ground personnel to write something called "Primary Source". They have historically too expensive. The two sides dispute after the first of the 1826 Anglo-Burmese War Chittagong Bengalis Rakhine region and secured only by the records of the fact that the witness may be able to witness. There is no record of him?
. Myanmar's history. Rakhine history. It was very accurate marker of the records to be Westerners. Or if Rakhine history will be a one-sided view of the barber. Record western parts will be able to do so visibly neutral witnesses. The controversial position, as seen in the western Rakhine state workers who say better witness than the record where we can do? One of the authors of which is found in the record, record 3 will be extracted from the well to the presentation.
Among the study authors report 3 blankets first captains (Captain Laws) to his record, I want to express. The captains of the British Navy, H M. borrower elk (H.M.S Satellite) the ship's captain. Boat Naf River Naga cape during been assigned along the Rakhine Rakhine ports, The offshore islands inning.
ကြုံခဲ့သမျှ during the "ports, products and Rakhine residents saying," writing about London, Association of Geography subject have been sent to the Royal Association 1831 Failed year the first volume of the journal From page 175 to 179 in General Remark on the Coast of Araccan by Captain Laws published by the title.
The spread of the population records and proving no match Rohingya.
Aung San Suu Kyi-led government is the biggest problem facing the Rohingya problem. Islam is that they are descended from Arab clans in northern Rakhine State are called 'Rohingya' Arakan clan had lived in successive claim. However, the previous government led by Thein Sein 'Rohingya' is no They are the British Bangladesh Bangladesh as agricultural laborers in the country, as are immigrants, led by Aung San Suu Kyi's government posed Rohingya refers to historians will be history in the book that no longer exists.
Rohingya term answer to the question, why should not accept authors often do. First, because there are actually accepted it must be said. Second, and just the Rohingya is a population explosion sufficiently လုလု Bengal Bengalis from Bangladesh must be regarded as Myanmar government must answer..

In fact, the independence of the term Rohingya is a creative expression. Rohingyas in the census conducted by the British and did not see the name of the nation. Here does not mean that there is no Muslim state in the British and. The land of Arakan and Bangladesh bordering territory of letting the bilateral relations between the Bengalis living in Rakhine State. But they are not the name of the Rohingya population, there has been minimal. The population itself came from this population of millions.

The spread of modern rural population in Rakhine State will need to present lists. The spread of population statistics, "(1) The pre-British era and British Muslims in Arakan State and Bangladesh are Bengalis from Bangladesh (Rohingyas) is (2) The era of the population at the time this number likely incubation million (yellow) from the current state of being a Muslim majority or citizenship British government as a farm laborer in neighboring Bangladesh entered into Myanmar from Bangladesh, "I want to prove to the author.
Arakanese historian Dr Chan's The Development of a Muslim Enclave in Arakan (Rakhine) State of Burma (Myanmar) would like quoting the article. This point, which has been living since the 15th century in Bengal were Rakhine Muslim tribes, 1826 The English - who stepped in after the first war itself. Those who come after, "Chittagong" (Chittagonians), it said. Chittagong, cited British population surveys in addition to local Muslims not to expose the Chittagong frighteningly fertile. At the time in 1874 from 58.255 in 1901 to reach up to 154.877 in 1911 up to 178.647, up to three times the population of 30 years before the local population, according to Dr. Chan says. Bangladesh Bangladesh and adjoining Buthidaung Maungdaw Township has become almost completely Bengalis territories lawsuit.

According to the article (1) 1826 in front of Muslims in Rakhine state only the number, but it's worth mentioning Bangladesh (2) They are ethnically diverse tribes in other words, Bengalis are စုဝင်များ (3) since 1826 in the Bay of Bengal from Bangladesh joined Chittagong Bengalis (4) The reproduction become increasingly faster rate now clearly Seen. You can conclude from this that they were in previous trifle Muslim Bengalis, Muslims have increased since 1826, immigrants from Bangladesh Bangladesh say Bengalis.

Dr. Chan's presentation of international historians Full Acceptance. Some Muslim history since he complained. Arakan and Chittagong at the border with neighboring natural limit to allow the other side of the Rakhine and Bengalis and other traffic, The Rohingya are not those who came from the British era, Is now called Rakhine Arakan report back to those who live on the earth. English - at the end of the first war in Rakhine State Rakhine population of 60,000, They said there are 30,000 Rohingya Muslims began equalizer.

According to Dr Chan's submission into Arakan Bengalis in the Chittagong area and joined the British era has already appeared on. Despite the report back to the side as they presented a "group has lived for generations in this region," has denied "Original There are Rohingya Muslims in Arakan," has denied the writers further need to prove to the world.


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