physics of the universe

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What is the universe?
Powered by about universe
Not very interested about. It
I'm interested in. because
We are a big universe
Enjoy. So people claim that the universe
He can not remember a single word '.
I know very little about the universe
Your. So we said,
. First, Steven Hawking
Puts the universe.

    Steven Hawking's quantum universe
      Since 1981 Metallurgy quantum universe Industry

Cut hole in the known universe, the survey of Hawking
Born in the beginning, the highest energy processes
Learn about time
The new discovery of the universe
At the end of the (Big bang singularity), and (Big
To reach crunch singularity)
. Help Physics Society
In physics of the universe
(For example, Quantum Mechanics and Abu
Stephen T) can not be used because of the nature
Assumes no physicist. mother
American physicist Richard Mann's quantum Files
The index in field theory
Cannes, not to be used as a guise.
If Stephen profile Mann quantum
When used in combination with at Cannes
This will be used as a guise. Abu
Stephen convex and patio
(Curved spacetime) separately မှှာ
We just combined. quantum
The aesthetics of the universe can be removed
. image
Each side of the universe
Institutions. Borders on a piece of paper
. There is no boundary of a sphere. one
If Hawking's sphere
No form at the end of the universe. no boundaries
The universe of glass and to the Universe
I also do not want to create the universe
Published in 1988, Professor Hobbes
Watch the book (A brief history of time)
Wrote a brief history of time
. The quantum universe research
Could the mysterious lofty expectations
And predictions about the universe
He said Hawking calculated
Disclosure in progress.
the secrets of the universe
Ancient people sinews of the universe
They know it. this
Stories appeared numerous novels. death
Mine medieval people's eyes,
This view is divided into two parts. How different the world
The other being a star turn
And the world is not a circle
Was part of the eye
. East West
If you travel very far to the north of the world's mountains
It will be believed.
People in later years
Have begun to understand more about the universe. Cree
Go very far with the new discovery
The appearance of the world learned.
Astronomy experts such as Aristotle
Google, Galileo, Newton, and the world is flat
They come to know are not in a circle
. `Centered socialism of the close '
Many people simply did not accept it. Gallium
Leo is close to your policy is correct
As pointed out by Marxist indeed close
The light coming from the stars
I lost in the way of the world
Putting the world has arrived. the stars
The light of the light that falls into the earth
Figure 3 years later. A light
Means a light year journey
. Miles per second, light
186000 running. Running light year journey
Six Li Yang and equivalent geometry. Li Yang geometry
18, followed by zero.
We စကြာဝဠာ၏
Did not see the kill. Einstein's Stephen
In theory, the precise age of the universe
O he predicts. Kar
Facing convex surface. In addition,
We ended စကြာဝဠာ၏
In Einstein's universe
Static. Said that there is no explosion.
In the next room ပြောကြစို့.

And the universe
The width of the largest in the world
If I see the Universe.
The universe is so broad. on
Galaxy star planet in the universe
The comet formed by asteroids
Configuration. We do not know in the universe
There are many things yet. group
For many organizations. Recently NASA
Another group found Feb.
22 days is announced. Trappist
Organization. Shelf-like planets with the world
The main features. In addition to this in the universe
Very interesting black hole
(Black hole) have been observed. The black hole
How to ask
3 times larger than the stars
Dead levels. The stars
Large. Density.
The story. Einstein's
According to Stephen density Gravity
Good. The stars
When mass density of lost virginity
Remaining. As a young star sadness
End. The center-mass Ryan
Create a black hole. The black hole
Density is very likely. density
Adjustment and gravity.
As a result, the black hole, the gravitational pull
Very good. Next to the Dust
All objects absorb. Within and without
Deep gradually.
Another possible black holes
Gas child stars from the collective
Which has exceeded the level of black hole
Stars say that the universe
There are inside. People star
People thought were standing မရွေ့လျား
. In fact, the stars are moved
. The stars are moving
Faster than the world. The Star
Its size and owls. they
Rotate it.
Our organization is. from
The planet Earth is round and round their
They turned it around. stars
Type in the intermediate category
Some of the universe gas
And composed.
Each neighboring planets
Easy Star.
It can be very difficult. 1931
16 miles planet Earth with arrows
Than later became effective. in the world
Catch breakfast Tower.
. The distance of the planet arrows
Even when Jones, say astronomers
And calculated the Earth is 93 million miles.
And he knew the distance of the planet
If you walk the planet in the sun
Available for long distance. The planets
There is a planet, not microbes. Martian microbes
We must be grateful.
The first outbreak of Einstein's
Would write about the universe.
I have now.

           Einstein's universe Physics
          Outer Space

The film which is formed in part
Will determine the number of physical mass
Einstein was the original idea. or
But hard physical element in the Outer
How much is there..
In the patio of the physical mass
I speak your equitable exist
Until the outside of the patio areas
What are the physical mass and where they exist
There is no way to estimate
Outer Space
All add to the volume element
If you let me fill of ways of Einstein's original
According to the eternal universe of Outer
Radius of 3300 million light-years
About. The farthest distance
The stars of gas more than 12 times
More far.
Einstein's comparative law
His aesthetic universe, the more you can make a difference
No pairs. Abu comparative law, is correct
Aesthetic universe is wrong. therefore,
Einstein's universe is unpopular in Sociology
လွေခ်. In addition to popular rejection
Of the Company. Proposed in the 1917's
Metallurgy aesthetic universe of Einstein's universe
There was more support.

         The war of the universe
        The amount of the size of the universe

Comprising a number of element
To impose the opinion of Einstein '
. If there is no
The element in the known universe, comprising
If to these elements also exist
If you comply with the laws of nature
Move to a bigger space
The number of the receiving element
Must amount to. No more body. that
No less than. To be exact. the universe
And the first principle of natural law
Then the universe, which is in accordance with the periodic
Portion. No body. Discount body
If you look at Einstein's universe Physics
The war of the universe
And more than a little bit easier.
K report. Blue writhe. natural
To determine the enforcement and just like
The amount of any of the universe
Sugarcane. The element
Add any number of reasons.

     The flat universe
     Suddenly, when Einstein's

One of the universe and the universe
And an anti-seen.


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