life-saving haven through ဖလူး l

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Haven to death and are ဖလူး haven (or) lens
The next morning at dawn haven that often decorated with the sweet sweet scent of villages and towns around ဖလူး see them easily.
Some people come by their ignorance the lens is a valuable haven ဖလူး still cut off.
In fact, these plants absorb malicious people to poison the lens is called a haven for consumer lens florists risk Township hamlet votes adder ဇီဝိတ Dana famous Bo School were prescribed by the Bishop had said ဘုရားကြီး noted.
Over the past 25 years or over time. And friends, such as the high Mae West High School please surfaced Video at the time.
Please vote for about 1 hour Video and rural land in Yangon road interchange to the high gold snake bites. He could not bear Bo near the school run.
When I go away with subtlety ဆိပ်် near ဖလူး haven to cull လူူး leaves the hive. Robes with ragged bunch.
Almost three leaves on bamboo leaves. လူူး haven mouth and leaves no toxic impregnate those less toxic to normal, she said.
Many hospitals continue to show young norm. Do not go back. So far, the high gold over 50 years old မသေသေး.
Later, a haven for cocaine faced a haven for animals in the nearby port picked ဖလူး leaves, like what to do to fit the clinical cure has been found.
However. The best hospitals. But Friend distant locations in the hospital before now offer lots of food can be life-saving heart and go after it.
Note. . There was not through self-distributed. In the book of traditional medicine. Allah Myanmar Pharmaceutical Research Institute are testing a haven for one of the low-cost food therapy. လူူး countries should learn the power of research.
Sin, says the future of the Bible haven ဖလူး Effectiveness
(A) images of leaves haven ဖလူး

  1. The liquid which leaves the mill. Drink mixed with honey or sugar syrup to cure diseases of bile chronic fever.
  2. Grinding the leaves juice, salt, and drink a few things. Nathan day.
  3. The leaves in hot water and drinking companions. သူငယ်နာ fever disease သူငယ်နာ heal.
  4. Grinding the leaves of the run. Creams cure.
    Effectiveness of leaves haven ဖလူး
  5. The leaves, mixed with a few fresh ginger drink malaria lost.
  6. Baby belly belly to squeeze the leaves to heal. Day.
  7. Drink boiled with a few leaves of the disease disappear. Pepper and grind. Menstrual hemorrhage cure.
  8. Squeeze the leaves and drink. မြွေဆ် main breaks day.
  9. Drink boiled the leaves and half with water. If obesity lost.
  10. Milk and grinding the leaves disappear. Creams.
    (B) a haven of ဖလူး flowers and bark components useful
  11. Drink boiled flower. Arthritis cure.
  12. Blood in the rock layer. Bark, eye creams, eye disease heals.
  13. Betel bark cough haven ဖလူး ပျာက် cocaine.
  14. Drink boiled the components of the plant. But the chaff of the infection heals.
    Read this post in your yard can provide life-saving haven through ဖလူး lens Slash was able to maintain

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