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Despite the emergence of drug before 180 CE, Enough to count on. Since very ancient period emerged. By the chemical term for martial or alcohol (Ethyl Alcohol) Act (Ethanol) and Excise Act martial alcohol, weight and volume ratio (2 mg%) more than the rate defined as a fluid containing alcohol.
The group of roughly beer (Beer) Wine (Wine) and a group of moderate alcohol group (Spirit or Strong) called.

Beer Group on Regions of pure alcohol (pure alcohol) from the weight and volume ratio of 3 mg%, consisting of up to 10 mg% Wine Group from 9 mg%, up to 15 mg% Moderate alcohol groups above 30 mg%, respectively. Wine Group depending on the fruit of the wine produced, Apple wine, They called pineapple wine. The hot days of whiskey, January Jim, RAM, etc. are included. Palm, Even thatch liquid alcohol is above 2 mg% alcohol can be considered. Beer is alcohol.
The beginning of the Book of Buddha

When the ancient Romans wrong total- King a copy of the land (named) A hunter hunting in the desert foothills of the Himalayas in its သုံးခွ tree branches and birds at the crossroads of the alcohol drink down to a frenzied scream, they shout. After that, it was like falling down dead. If it takes somewhat longer to go back and drink the liquid. These saw successively down to the hunter. Orchids near the rain water. Brazil, Eastern gooseberry, white glass and bitter Grain and These orchids bring birds to eat into the rest of the orchids in the spring when the thorns. He looked and saw a big drink.
Next, the drug being drunk sleeping under the tree of the fire killed the bird. Kim. Of intoxicating drinks oft. Of sleeping with this drug. Then, to the attention o hermit near intoxicating and Steak and drink, and carried two drugs with them. Afterwards, the liquid carried by bamboo. The emperor of a white piano in a city short of drinking alcohol.
By the end of the field with a small pot and pot with them. And from the days immediately The emergence of alcohol consumption. The syrup is reached, He called attention o Vacation. Near the broken pot rats drink a cat tied to a large pavilion to hold drinks did enjoyment of driving a barrel. The cats died from pot to divide the foam, he slept like a drink. Mice, and cat ears and tail.

The MP saw intoxicating, The poison killed the hunter and the attention o hermit. Then it breaks at the extremities are known to drink with them. Take the end of the visit saw the world will be destroyed and smashed the jars. "The world is destructive and drink alcohol to yourselves," I visited him. With alcohol to avoid a nationwide peace with them.
5 The Book of Buddha

That people do not automatically think of the five days.

  1. Hath walked the new patch - flower syrup, alcohol,

    • fruit juice, alcohol,
  2. The creature is called a liquid such as alcohol,

  3. Telugu universe - from sugar cane juice,

  4. Experimental Justus novel posed at all.

From the world

The world, however, the smell of herbs, leaf Honey beverages were consumed in Egypt's modern history began. Since about 7000 BC in China, he started drinking alcohol. India is a kind of rice called sura already occur between 3000 and 2000 BC. Since about 2,700 BC, come 0 worshiped the wine god. Today, at a new kind of liquid and herbs, Were designed to combine the honey and water contained in the ancient Greek literature. Therefore, different types of alcohol, but in thousands of years has been the emergence of the world, and now, perhaps.

Because of alcohol causing diseases

Amount spent too drunk. If life can be affected. If alcoholics lack of vitamins (especially B group) and nerve disease that dumb firm (Polyneuritis), (Wernickle's Encephalopathy) may be a brain disorder called worse (Korsakoff Psychosis) can occur until a psychiatrist called.

In addition, drinking alcoholic ulcer effects such as bleeding.

The liver is also the main trouble. Any body of all toxic liver goat to be a fort. The incoming liquor when the glass to the liver from hepatitis (Hepatitis), Liver Fat (Fatty Liver), cover Possible liver tiles (Liver irrhosis). Liver disease tiles Thus the cancer may also occur.

If not properly catch the goose may be (Delirium Tremens). He drank, The elderly and other heart disease risk of those should be special attention. If you drink alcohol preservatives too worried mosquitoes


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