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Came a day clinic, a patient sits author. Patient female patient. Mainly Urology female infection. Interviewed necessary, After testing for this drug in patients when given with မရဲတရဲ opened. She is going to the pharmacy shop while Especially with the recent worm that uses drink now to the big city of Yangon, I want to know it. When to see a small red capsules ဟောဗျာ author gives.


Once patients reached a leg wound. Clinic. Disease is not evenly. အရင်းစစ်တော့ diabetes remains unknown. The disease diabetes and some blocks as a hive of ants can control diabetes and other infections. As a result, wound evenly. Smell and dripping wet. Do not take it. The patient pharmacy shop to grind powder too. The four red capsules.

The day came to a clinic patient. The steam vapor fever and pneumonia (Pneumonia) pneumonia is suspected. Therefore, the X-ray view of a great author. Wounds to the X-ray because the TB germs. Did not take. Patients who take the drug out of the hat antipyretic author set eyes protruding. There is a small red capsules sorry. In patients with drug-resistant TB to be forced to pray.
So this is the red capsules that readers will want to know. The fact that the four TB drugs to be found in the nation's TB treatment. Called Rifam-picin quite useful too. I met him 1965 is now 53 years old. JCC in medicine to cure TB, but about his new home. I met first met in 1943 and 1945, TB drugs Streptomycin injections. Professing themselves to be effective at first, but later become resistant to find new drugs. Then Isoniazid drug contemporaneously. In 1965 came Rifampicin Etham-butol contemporaneously. Later, it turns a kind, rather than being integrated into what has become a very useful by helping combining long-standing.

Not being especially regular Rifampicin is very powerful. These drugs before surgery surgical technology to treat TB. Artificial Pneumothorax (lung or the lung and the membrane between the lungs. They were mostly Nitrogen).

Collapse (Therapy), usually between the lung and pulmonary membrane (Intrapleural Space) will add a lot to slacken the lung. The concept of his lungs without oxygen 0 caused tuberculosis. Chest Tube (after lung membranes is to be retrieved from the pipe). As far as your success to success. The end of the treatment, but because of his own too.

This treatment written by the author (A.J Cronin) The Citadel (မောင်ထွန်းသူ-tower), Dr. Andrew and Mr. Richard rulers steel MARY dentist Alan Bo (Bo at the end of Alan's daughter). Old. Later, after lung surgery aging test section was in Mumbai recently to the kind of drug-resistant TB (Surgery) surgical methods had surgery.
As a result, while monitoring. Especially in patients during surgery as well as for 0 ဆေးဝန်ထမ်း very dangerous. Now, a new drug-resistant TB herself right. applies to injections. Finally, if you use any drug-resistant because the question is a good writer. Especially Rifam-picin any ordinary page using cough medicine, The women Urology infections, putting When wound too, there is to be quite good. Ward level everyone knows.

The lack of non-existent if they saw people running HIV. It really is really the treatment of HIV antiretroviral drugs are powerful, and the end of human life, but soon the opportunity to heal is getting there. Unfortunately, however, TB treatment drug resistant too 0 sad. Mainly with respect to drink regularly. In addition, the recent use in treating other diseases are actually kind of TB patients has shown no signs မထိတထိ easy to drink resistant floor.
Pesticides are useful in the fight against disease-associated. But give her pots and there are just tons of rice. The disease, which is worth almost normal antibiotics, the bacteria invade the body tired. But the purple sunbird Gunnery almost like an ordinary sick (Rifampicin) is too severe.

TB patient takes a decade to appear on


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