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List leap ပေမယ့် servant servant class is entirely captured the heart is not happy The department does not feel a day, more than a day to grow ... ဒါေ ယ့် Work Out we could go until completely pure. Student-teacher-parent relationship, Did you hear the system of measurement and education, Education development process and life, Project အလွဲများ All teachers supervising the wrong tube မညီတဲ့ line and polygon written many distorted Yai Yai. But if you try to think about things I love-seated Moments Reason servant.
Since childhood third servant's failing school to school for many years. The father, mother behind the wheel of the machine when the child out of hand waving and pave wheel ran after morning school The servants are not happy. Four from the same family to the grandmother's house servant small bathroom. While school servant, a paradise to paradise in the next time is coming back at the end of May. A house at the morning school and play with my friends all the time , The lesson, Now is the least where I was not happy. While far from the classroom teacher mother and a mother like a servant. Embrace more so than my school. I hurt like a paradise in the shadow of the school Embrace ယ့် servants, the task will be a school I do not think. So, if four, I want to provide a safe and warm Which are hard to come back, လောကဓံကို not afraid to offer a servant's heart. Consequently, the servant is not allowed to do this job until the end.
The one day trip in Myanmar with a servant's sister ripped her sister felt that the classroom teacher, At school the teachers were very much a standard, His baby sister school on the road, I'm a sister four slopes, do not show anger to ask how I found out about it is because the teacher It should not call a servant answer next to a kid who I'm hearkening to enter into the four-year-old child's intelligence Starch, For the offering referred to donations collected some money to donate five thousand, then the teacher I want the money five thousand fan tons န့် declared before a hot aunt said to put the burden of five thousand to two thousand child smoothness Mota . Next to the servants to make sure I asked to listen to a child. Now a teacher instead of a slave shame.
The first duty of a slave village, I seem to see the offering referred to the rough posts until fragrant flower hat wrapped biscuit bread sitting in a heap on the table Kan is more satisfying to see. My world, because if the teacher found him and I'm ashamed. The servant of my childhood teachers are if no teacher ever. Here is another edge of the polygon. ယ့် edges.
Advances in social media, bald cartoon doll Both are united in a very short bus ride. Easy to mimic. င့်၏ င့်၏ parents do not teach character to have a skilled and responsible way. The servant is to increase knowledge and reading a picture book story to give no time anymore. Some parents had a wide knowledge of children carefully nurtured. The poor parents and children carefully when they can not behave the dead branches. No foul ပေမယ့် know fairies are fairies. Disobeying easily tell them anymore. They went wild. So, the teacher student relationship is warm outside ယ့် far. D edges.
The sight of the modern education system parents think of the fast Marc anymore. Parents and lose his own mind. ပေမယ့်, Others point to what they want. At the time when you must be a graduate. What degree did thwarted (This system). At school you vote on Sand Key and ask you to try to get more points. A servant of servants to do a ည့် Good character, to be able to thrive Hobbies and Recreation, to cherish The other the ability to develop a priority to nurture. So happy, without having to push the value will increase. Many now responsible, According to the law, fear See here are not like me. Burns too hot. I do not see them happy. Education for students and teachers to measure student body. I've been in rebellion against a random hand cling. The servants had not lost paradise like a true servant common ယ့် school work at school, waiting in the living room Cook had no role.
This drawing framed with uneven edges of a polygon at least all cups floating ဂျွမ်း turvy saliva of a long march from inside, then the slave rebels Many well sink fog. Its flesh out of the body of a frog. Many toy doll cronies enjoy it borrows from a detective, right lens indicator.


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