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The school moved eligibility qualifying exam in May, will be tested
International schools and international curriculum from the domestic private government curriculum basic skills and those transferred to private schools will accept the Basic Education Department announced.
If you want to apply to attend school through the bottom row of the lower classes to ask the ideal of the Ministry of Education curriculum subjects texts to the first week of April, the Department of Basic education officer has been notified.
While attending international schools to government schools, The opportunity for its own တက်ချင်သူတွေ clause. In the land border from the local school who want to return are also convenient to do '' explained an official from the Department of Basic Education.
According to the student's intellectual ability to attend classes, In order to measure the quality exam, accepted the check he is.

In addition, the student တက်ရောက်လိုသော class and based on the student's age Education and the need to conform to comment.

The qualification exam application to the regional and provincial offices of education from August 23 until May 5 to get it there.

'' International school and matriculated from 0 could limit my international school and a child, there are a lot of foreign students attend. I can not attend university in the land. So school kid, '' (4) of the Prison, a high school teacher said.

The school moved up to 19th place from May 14 to those who check the quality exam schools, published the results of open, announced the Department of Basic Education.
Attending international schools converted to the government school curriculum has been approved to begin in the 2014-15 academic year.

Students in the 2017-18 academic year, About 300 students attend moved the highest attendance at 0.


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