Once A Rose

in esteem •  7 months ago 

Horizontally, We are planted
Gravity that pulls our feet
A root attached
We keep and watched

So there's a pinch of light
reaching Medusa's eye
A catch to watch a movie can sight
to a person I stick aside

[email protected]

Here's to the heat
a necessity to this
but when burning desire has made
an ashed emotion has been dismayed

[email protected]

Continuously as he baptized
my untouched petal turn alive
feelings we've shouted heavily
Words screamed silently

Together we dance under the stars
falls beneath the moon we arrived
just like a water flow
arose a symbolism of love we sow

[email protected]

To where I stay shall this moment would to
as you leave , a memory will do
You are my lasting love
beating as one, go higher than a dove..

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