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syarr aytya aay n nell ႔ ayhk ark kam parr bhakko htoe htyak tany aysarkhtarrtae tantarr bhak aya hkamko aylw ark lwmkar ayhk ark kam parr aytya , ayat ark aysarng ayat ark tanu aytya ko lany mwn a ၾ kany ko htyang ayhpark ၿpee rang hpo hpyay sabhar 0 rႈ hkang aytyako ၾ k ny rႈ hkanhcarr ႏ uing mwar ya hpahc par tay .

mwt tam aytya aar de mwn tantarrhar k m ၻar a rwny sanu ayhk ark kam parr kayn htoe htyak ayn tae tantarr ya hpahc hkae ၿpee tantarr rell ႕ a rwnyhar 2 6 me tarayat ar rwi par tay . darhar aay m ri kan mwar rwitae Grand Canyon aykarng kang aylw ark lam tantarr htak 5 metar po rwnytae a ryay aahcarr ya hpahc tay lo ႔ sirapar tay . image


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