Tha famous 'Gola Ganda'

in #esteemlast year

Hi there, its another wonderful day and I hope everyone's doing good. Another late night dessert craving post Eid, this time the speciality of Indian subcontinent aka the all famous Gola Ganda





Full of colors, fruits, crushed ice, cream and sugar syrups, and other toppings, this little glass is full of flavors.


The cart compliments with the dessert well. I had it after a gap of some 9 years so for a kid who used to have it every other day, this was nostalgic.


One of the best and the most famous street food in the whole Indian subcontinent, definitely deserves a try.

I hope, you liked it as much as we did.

Resharing it from weku @hananali
More to follow


Howdy there hananali! wow that looks really good. The only problem is it looks a little small! Do you guys make that yourselves? Street vendors sell that?

Hi there sir janton howdy?

it was enough for about two people, so many flavors and fruits and stuff in it that small glass of it gets heavy. Wasn't that small though but it has an even smaller glass as well. And yes, its sold by vendors, not mostly in streets, but on a fixed location where there is traffic around and people keep visiting

howdy hananali! I gotta try some of that stuff because it's sweet but also has healthy fruit in with it so that would ease my conscious and give me an excuse to eat more! lol.

howdy sir, haha that's a nice approach to eat a lot of what you like. It surely had a lot in it to keep eating until the very end lol

How's life?

Howdy hananali! I have nothing new to report, just trukking along with steemit and doing work on our property about half the day. Is your job increasing in volume? Are there any prospects as far as girls? Do you do any dating? Do you even see any girls around? lol.

howdy sir?

Those are so many vital questions in such a short time lol
Yes, there are girls, yes I get to see girls, but no I do not date anyone, not here anymore. Let's see may be some day I will, or I will just wait for the right girl to marry and then do the dating stuff lol

Hows your work going?

Howdy sir hananali! You can marry a girl and THEN date her? Well that sounds like fun if the girl is fun!
Every thing is good here, how is your job going, is it busier or is it boring?

all good, how about you?
job is boring but full of pressure.
The girl, yes, if she is fun, life will be fun.

Hows everything there?

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