Indonesia Now Has a Crypto Currency Exchange Platform

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As the value of bitcoin and crypto currency (cryptocurrency) grows, there is also a growing interest in digital investment. This also happened in Indonesia.

Therefore, PT Anabatic Technologies was moved to create a platform that could facilitate digital asset transactions, especially crypto currencies, as well as to convert them into conventional money. This platform is located at

As the name implies, Digitalexchange serves various types of digital asset transactions, including crypto currency investments.

Not only digital currencies from abroad, they also offer two locally made digital currencies, namely Tokenomy and Vexanium.

For differentiation with other platforms, CEO of Digitalexchange, Duwi Sudarto Putra revealed that the digital company he leads has multilayered digital security and a variety of current financial technology (fintech) features.

"By presenting a unique user interface and advanced features, this platform enables customers to easily manage and deal with digital assets, as well as more competitive selling points," explained Duwi in the BSD area, South Tangerang, Friday (6/28/2019 )

"Our digital security is made of many layers, meaning layered. Not only the security of the digital sector, behind that there are human resources who oversee transactions for 24 hours in 1 week," he concluded.

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