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Hello all seemmonsters lovers,

I have completed my daily quest which was with my favorite Earth Splinter again. But it was not easy to complete. I was trying to comomet last day only but I was loosing like anything. Then I stopped playing and give a try today and it's done ☺
How's your quest?

Here are reward cards I received from my daily uest.


No Gold Foil or Legendary, every day is not luck day. Recently I got legendary gold foil.
Total seven cards from quest.
One epic three rare are three common cards
It's a mix of fire, water, & death splinter cards.

I am using the Fold and Legendary Potions (Brilliant), Which costs me aprox 45 (20+25) USD now the investment is recovers. You also go for potions I am sure you will not regret.

Waiting for second Gold Foil Legendary now ☺😊


Thanks for stopping by my Post.

Don't forget to follow my alt account @freemonster for giveaway.

Thanks to @minimining for delegated cards.

#spt #palnet #sct #battle #weed #steemace

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Wow..bowman i love that card hahaha.

I have not used this card much. I m not even remember when I used last.
What is the best use if this card can you please explain?

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Look its have good speed with low mana.If you power up this card it will be more good for play More speed means it will attack soon dear.

You are doing awesome


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Wow, you got some nice cards!
Yeah, it's not Gold or Legendary, at least not a bunch of highlander archers or other puny cards

Yes you are right but
Actually in battle highland Archer is also effective at higher level.
It give two damage.
Thanks again for stopping by my post.

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