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Say with flowers. Women will immediately fall in love when given a flower that is a sign of love. The phrase is also very appropriate with the day of affection. The rose is called the symbol of love. The spiked but still beautiful looking flower has a different meaning.

But did you know that the roses have various colors. The spiked but still beautiful looking flower has a different meaning. Here is the meaning of roses on every color.

  1. Red Rose means love and romance
    One of the universal rose colors of all symbols. The red rose is true love. An association characteristic of red roses. It also emerged throughout history and crossculture both as a political symbol as well as a religion.

  2. Yellow Rose means friendship
    Apparently not all the roses express a sign of love. The proof, a yellow rose means the feeling of joy and joy over a friend. This rose is very good to entertain people up. Mawar Kunnig sends a message of appreciation and love without romantic "frills".

  3. Pink Rose means elegance.
    Pink roses are accompanied by the intent of love, elegance, romance. A traditional symbol used when saying thank you. Pink roses also contain the meaning of tenderness and admiration, and is also used as an expression of sympathy.

  4. White Rose means holy, sincerity and sympathy
    Initially, white roses are used as symbols for true love. White roses are worn in buckets of bridal flowers. White roses are the compulsory flowers used during traditional Western weddings in Western countries. In this case, white represents the unity, virtue, and purity of a new love. White roses are also associated with honor and mutual respect, a symbol of love that is inseparable.

  5. Orange Rose means passion, enthusiasm and passion
    Literally a mixture of yellow and red. The orange rose is seen as a bridge between the friendship symbolized by the yellow rose, as well as the love represented by the red roses. So, orange roses can be an expression of attraction, or a gift to say "I'm proud of you."

  6. Purple rose means charm, noble, love at first sight.
    The color purple is closely related to the nobility. In this case, the nuances of lavender roses show great ambience and splendor


Many still consider the rose can only be used for the health and beauty of women. Here's the explanation:

Eliminate Acne on the face
Water derived from roses is a natural cleanser for the face because it contains many antioxidants and very powerful to kill the bacteria that cause acne. The trick is very easy to clean the face by using warm air and rose air air. One of the benefits of noni leaves and 8 benefits of guava leaves also is to eliminate acne on the face. No flowers you can use noni leaves or guava leaves.

Caring for the Skin
Healthy skin is a skin with a stable pH, one way to maintain the balance that is with Roses air. Water can be used as a natural skin care ingredient because it can balance the production of sebum in the skin. Roses can treat the skin in either dry or oily conditions. Benefits of Vitamin E also can give skin skin to look healthy and shiny.

Keeping Hair Healthy
By using rose water water is believed our hair will be healthy because natural flower water has a natural content that its function to moisturize the hair. Way by pouring a few drops of roses while was shampooing together with shampoo, in addition to make the skin this way you have a distinctive hair scent. To make a fixed hair 10 benefits of milk one can also serve as a natural hair conditioner.

Maintaining Eye Health
Often women have problems with black eyes that are under the eyes because this reduces beauty. To remove eye bags with natural and fast you can use the water of roses. In addition rose water can also be used with eyes and inflammation of the eyes along with the benefits of saga leaves. The way it drops two or three drops of flower air on the eyes and close your eyes for a moment. Perform this way with a routine to maintain eye health. In addition to Leaf saga 9 benefits of bananas for health and 14 benefits for health and beauty have the same health.

Treating Swollen Feet
The swollen legs make us unable to walk therefore immediately treated immediately. The first treatment that can be used is a natural treatment with roses one of them. The way is boiled 2-3 roses, 30 grams of leaves and 600 ml of sembung air simultaneously. Drink this boiled water in the span of two times a day for maximum effect.

Lowering Blood Pressure
In addition, flowers can be used as a supplement for women and people who can be used for health and beauty. You can find various ways to lower high levels such as using oatmeal, garlic, and mengkudu because 11 benefits of oatmeal, 12 benefits of garlic for health, the content of the benefits of Noni fruit and side effects have money with saga leaves that can enter into the blood.

Eliminate Mouth Odor
The problem of bad breath experienced by most of these people is very helpful and can cause you to be ostracized. To treat it you can access the rose as a natural remedy. The trick with some flowers, wash flowers until clean and soak with one glass of cold water, sugar stones to taste, and let the bath for 1 night. Tomorrow saringlah and drink until it runs out. Enter this regularly twice a week. 7 benefits of beluntas leaves for herbal treatment can also be your reference to eliminate bad breath.

For Self Relaxation
Rose water also has the benefit of making ourselves calm and relieving the stress normally caused by nervous, psychosomatic, and heart disease. For that, soak yourself in the air tub and sprinkle the flower buds to taste. You can find many things that can be used for day and night because of 8 people who are sleeping.

Herbal tea
You can use excellent herbal remedies for therapy and stress medications. This happens because the herbs have a function as a warm drink that has a relaxing effect.

Produce Unique Flavors in Food
The benefits of roses that have not been much by people in general are water flower.


Side effects of Rose
Causes skin irritation
Resulting in allergies
Make skin look dull
Inhibits new skin cells to grow
Reduces nutrients to the skin
To prevent this, you can overcome it by way of not excessively in wearing it, the rose itself if not excessive will not cause any side effects. Therefore we recommend to keep trying to wear it wisely, so that the skin becomes more healthy and beautiful naturally.

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