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Thank God Allah has entrusted a princess in our family ... we will continue to keep your mandate as best as we can to give the best way for our baby, happy thousands of happy can not be expressed in words, complete already our family has been entrusted a son and daughter, hopefully we can always keep, educate, care for the best useful for nusa nation and religion.

As you approach the final trimester of pregnancy, you begin to thrill for the moments of the birth of the baby. Probably, you have followed the breathing exercises before giving birth, but you are still nervous. Especially when this is your first birth moment. Prenatal calm is necessary. The following are the stages in the process of giving birth as a picture for you.

What stage happens in the process of giving birth?
There are several stages women will experience from the first phase before birth until the birth comes:

  1. Prodomal labor
    The cervix begins to soften, tenuously, move forward and slowly begin to open. The baby occupies the pelvis. At this stage of childbirth, you will feel the sensation of stiffness or a pressure in the lower abdomen or back. Contractions that occur at this stage usually appear and disappear irregularly, sometimes with strong pressure, sometimes soft. This is your body's natural response to getting ready. This phase occurs not for a while, about a few hours, some even have a few days.

  2. Early stage of birth (latent phase)
    The cervix remains thin and open, widening from 3 to 4 cm. This phase is not too long, usually only about two-thirds of the total time of delivery. After a few hours, the contractions will become longer, stronger, and more regular (about five minutes apart, and each interval takes about 25 to 45 seconds, but time varies). Another characteristic is pure white discharge during birth.

You will also feel pain like back pain or similar menstrual pain. What you need to notice is the rupture of the amniotic membrane, this can occur spontaneously in the first stage of the process of giving birth or in the later stages. When this happens, you will feel wet. There is also not a rupture of amniotic fluid until the doctor who does it.

It's a good idea to call your doctor when you start contractions, but maybe you can still spend time by making yourself as comfortable as possible, such as listening to music or warm water bath. You can also eat easily digested foods and get enough liquids.

You should go to the doctor when contractions start every five minutes, or when the water breaks. When the contractions start strong, you should try to relax yourself with the breathing strategy. You can also ask your closest relative and your husband to keep you calm and confident.


  1. Stage one: active phase
    At this stage, the contractions get stronger and painful, about three minutes apart and last for 45 to 60 seconds. The cervix will widen rapidly, approximately 1.2 cm per hour. When the cervix extends from 8 to 10 cm, you are in the transition phase. Contraction will come every two to three minutes. You will also feel nauseous and your back starts getting sore.

The fix: do something active during the contraction. These are moments when you will feel the momentum of childbirth. You can do a breathing pattern and move around and rest between contractions.

When you are in the hospital, you will be checked for temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate. You will also be offered various options to treat pain such as epidural or anesthesia. If you can relax, you can take a shower with a warm shower, this can help you reduce the pain of the lower back. You can also ask your partner to do a massage, listen to music, or take a walk.

  1. The second stage
    This stage is also called the push stage, it will last up to three hours when you are given an epidural - two hours without an epidural. The cervix will widen about 10 cm. The contraction will be longer than a minute with an interval of two to three minutes. Baby's head down to the vaginal area, you will feel the pressure in the rectal area aka rectum. Some women will feel nauseated, quivering, anxious, and angry at this time.

Solution: do not push unless you've got a signal. Improperly tampering can cause your cervix to swell. When the time comes, you can push by taking a deep breath, thrust like you're constipated. The doctor will also perform an episiotomy, namely a short cut on the area between the vagina and rectum, to facilitate the process of childbirth.

  1. The third stage
    These are the awaited moments, the stage of childbirth. The need to push is stronger when the baby's head is down. You will also experience a feeling of heat, sting, and stretching at the opening of the vagina. The delivery stage will take about 15 to 30 minutes. If you have an episiotomy, you will be sewn again.

  2. Healing
    There is a feeling of joy, relief, awe, and joy when meeting your baby. The pain when giving birth feels payable by looking at the tiny face. Cold water compresses can be given on the perineum to keep you comfortable and reduce swelling. Many women experience uterine cramps after childbirth.


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Every child is a blessing! Take care.

Congratulations flr having a sweet and cutebaby! ♥

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beautiful, baby brother and what's his name?


Semoga jadi anak yang saleh

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