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The reception of a sister's wedding at one of Bujang Salim's big mosques in Aceh, Dewantara, Krueng Geukueh.


Law - Marriage Law In Islam
WEDDING - Marriage is the essential element in a perfect society. The special characteristic of Islam is that every commandment to be performed by its people must have been determined by religion, and the wisdom contained in it. So there is no one command in these various lives, whether that involves special worship such as the command of prayer, fasting, pilgrimage, and others. Or worship in general such as infaq orders, filial to the elderly, do good to the neighbors and others who do not have shari'ah, and the wisdom.


In Islamic marriage law the words "Marriage" is the transfer of the language of the term: Nikah or zawaj, however in the opinion of the saheeh; marriage the true meaning is akad and wati / intercourse as the meaning of tropes or majasnya.
The marriage according to the terms of jurists is as follows:

Marriage is a contract that causes halal intimacy between husband and wife in a legitimate way that has been determined by Allah SWT
Marriage according to the Shari'a is the familiar pronunciation of the contract which contains some rukun and terms
Marriage according to another Shari'a is a contract that contains a guarantee in allowing intercourse with the marriage pronunciation, tazwij.
In terms of the meaning of marriage is a contract that contains the pillars and the conditions that have been determined to gather. Abu Zahrah interpret marriage as a contract that justifies a person to have fun between each party on the basis of religion.

From that sense, we can take that the core of the Marriage is a contract, the handover between the guardian of the prospective bride and the groom. Submission and acceptance of responsibilities in a broad sense to achieve a goal.

Marriage is an important event in human life. marriage is the beginning of a new life for two people who originally lived alone and then live together. By marrying will be born a new generation to continue the previous generation


In the view of Islam, marriage in addition to acts of worship, he is also the sunnah of Allah and the sunnah of His Messenger. As the sunnah of Allah, Marriage is the qudrat and the irodat of God in the creation of the universe. This can be seen from the following series of verses

Allah says in the letter yasin verse 36 which means:

"Glory be to God who has created his creatures in pairs all, whether from what is expelled by the earth and from them as well as from what they do not know"


In connection with the above, then here need to be explained some laws do Marriage, namely:

Compulsory: required is obligatory is marriage for those who already have the will and ability to build a sakinah household and if he does not melkukannya fear will slip on the act of adultery.

Sunnat: Marriage in the opinion of jumhur ulama'.Yaitu marriage for people who already have the willingness and ability to build a household but if not implement it is also not feared to commit adultery.

Haram: Haram is a marriage for those who have no desire and do not have the ability to build a household and perform duties during marriage, so that if he married will abandon his wife and his wife or even just hurt his wife.

Makruh: Marriage makruh is the marriage of a man who has willingness to do Him also has the ability to refrain from adultery so it is not possible to slip to commit adultery if if not married. But this man has no desire to fulfill the obligation as a good husband and wife.

Mubah: Marriage marriage is a marriage for those who have the ability and willingness to do so, but if not do not worry about going to adultery and if do also will not abandon the wife.



The purpose of marriage in Islam is to observe the Sunnah of Rasul SAW and fulfill the demands of humanity, relate between husband and wife in order to realize the family sakinah mawadah warohmah, to get the offspring by following the provisions that have been arranged by shari'at.

Marriage will be lawful if it is the condition and the pillars that have been determined by religion, as for the terms and laws are:


A Bride Candidate
The Bride Candidate
Two men witnesses
Ijab and Kabul

Certain men / women
Not a man / female mahram.
Know the real guardian for the marriage contract
Not in ihram Hajj or Umrah
With his own willingness and not coercion
Not having four legitimate wives in one lifetime (men)
Knowing that the male / female who wishes to be married is legitimate to be a wife or husband.

Marriage Mut'ah.
Marriage mut'ah is a marriage performed by a person with the sole purpose to vent lust and have fun for a while. Marriage mut'ah was once permitted by Prophet Muhammad SAW. Namu on the next development of Prophet Muhammad SAW forbade it for ever.

Marriage Syighar.
Marriagesyighar is the marriage of a woman who is married her guardian to another man without dowry, with the covenant that the man will marry the guardian to the woman under his guardianship. The Messenger of Allah has firmly forbidden this type of marriage

Marriage Tahlil.
Marriage tahlil is the marriage of a husband who menthalaq his wife who has he jima ', to be married again by her first husband who had dropped thalaq three (thalaq bain) to him. Marriage tahlil is a form of negative cooperation between muhallil (first husband) and muhallal (second husband).

Marriage Different Religion.
Allah Almighty says the Meaning: "And marry no idolaters before they believe. In fact, the slave of a woman who believes is better than a polytheist even though she appeals to you. And do not marry polytheists (with believing women) before they have faith. Truly, the slave of a man who believes is better than a polytheist even though he attracts your heart. They invite to hell, while Allah invites to heaven and forgiveness with His permission. (Allah) explains verses of His verse to human so that they take lessons. (Surah Al-Baqarah: 221)

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