Elephant trunk leaf

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while keeping in touch with my family around in the home garden and suddenly I see a rare plant and very typical for various kinds of treatment and I directly menggambil gambarnya.daun this gajag trunk very much benefit for our health.
The leaves of this elephant trunk is a type of leaf that has long been used in the world of traditional medicine. The properties in this leaf are very powerful to prevent the effects of free radicals. The elephant's trunk leaf is so named because of its long, oval leaves like a trunk of an elephant animal. The color of this leaf tends to be dark green with a slightly rough texture. You can easily plant this leaf around the yard of the house.

In addition to having high antioxidant properties, elephant trunk leaves are also able to overcome other disease complaints. This leaf has been categorized as a healthy herbal leaf body. This is inseparable from the abundance of natural compounds in it which are suitable for use against disease types. You can try the efficacy of elephant trunk leaf first before trying various chemical drugs circulating in pharmacies.


These steemit friends are some of the uses of elephant trunk leaves for our health.

  1. Prevent cancer
    Efficacy leaves the first elephant trunk is to prevent cancer. This is related to the anti oxidant properties that will nourish your body cells. Healthy body cells certainly will not be susceptible to cancer.

  2. Smooth blood flow
    Efficacy of elephant trunk leaf is very powerful to smooth the flow of blood. This leaf has a good compound in your blood flow. Blocked blood flow disease can be prevented early on.

3.Take toxins in the body
The efficacy of elephant's trunk leaves for the body is also good for detoxification. Detoxification is a function of this leaf that will remove various types of toxins that exist in your body before developing into a disease.

  1. Prevent inflammation of the prostate
    For men, using elephant trunk can also be tried. The reason, this leaf is useful to prevent prostate inflammatory disease, the inflammatory disease that attacks the vital tools of men.

5.Mengobati diabetes
Benefits of elephant trunk leaf in treating the disease one of them is to treat diabetes. This leaves will clear your urinary tract so as not to cause diabetes.

  1. Low back pain medication
    Benefits of elephant trunk leaves for the waist is to overcome back pain. Waist is a part of the body that often feels pain in the muscle due to the activity of padata. Try to use elephant trunk leaves in treating low back pain.

  2. Anti-hypertension
    Who would have thought if this simple leaf can be anti-hypertensive leaves. Yes, the benefits of elephant trunk leaves no less great is able to control your blood pressure so as not to cause hypertension.

  3. Prevent fatigue, lethargy, and weakness
    For those of you who have a number of very solid activities can try the elephant's trunk leaves as a stamina enhancer. This leaf is very nutritious in overcoming various types of fatigue, such as fatigue, weakness, and also lethargic.

  4. Prevent tumors
    In addition to cancer, the elephant's trunk can also prevent tumor disease. This leaves will increase your body strength better so that the tumor can be avoided and your body will be healthier.

  5. High antioxidants
    The nature of elephant's trunk leaves is very useful for the body that has high anti-oxidant properties. In addition to cancer, this leaf will also protect the body from diseases caused by other free radical effects.

  6. Increase Height

  7. Adjust the Liquid Balance in the Body

  8. Source Calories

  9. Helps Form Cell Membranes

  10. Reduce the Risk of Malnutrition


elephant trunk plants are very beneficial for our body health .. but we as human beings must be careful also in producing and managing the elephant's trunk leaves because of the dose we could be wrong to manage it. because every herbal medicine must have side effects. hopefully we can always benefit. amen

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