The simplicity is nice; I hope there is night mode too!

wow thanks for your huge contribution. First esteem app for cellphone now esteem for PC/Mac.

eSteemapp was really amazing with alot of features. I really love esteem app because i can handle multiple account at same time without any problem.
Other feature of esteem i like the most is give upvote of you own choice but increasing or decreasing your voting power even you don,t have 500 steempower.

due to these and other feature i love to use this app but using esteem on cellphone was little bit tough for me. I,m not to good in cellphone tying and it consume alot of time while making a post on esteem app on cellphone. but now thanks to you i can use esteem on my laptop and it will be really cool.
Thanks @good-karma for this wonderful gift of yours.

Keep going Wish you a Best of luck Have a nice day

Thank you for visiting me and for helping me
Regards @chanladen

Esteem is a wonderful app. We are grateful to you for this lovely application. All the new great features are coming up. Thank you sir. We really appreciate your efforts in the development of this application.

Cool; but some says that typing on small board is another case that should be anticipated

I will continue to wait and enjoy projects that are always in the work right in the publication right, thanks for the information I always enjoy this post.

really esteem apps great apps.....I. Love esteem

I'm not sure if this is something you can do, but I would love an application or an addition to eSteem that gives you a page similar to the "discover" page on Instagram. Maybe that's something the Steemit team would do.

I've been using eSteem for almost a year now and have to say the progress has been great. Thanks for all of the work!

this is amazing because desktop version is great when we need to make a blog or long post because of it easy to type from the keyboard rather than mobile. I like its new look as it amazing. i am so eager to use it because esteem is always my first choice to use because its easy and user friendly.

This is a wonderful idea. A desktop version is awesome

This is amazing . Esteem is home now . This is a brilliant innovative. The app is superb and now the desktop version. This is absolutely amazing

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